Let’s Train for a Marathon!

Ok, so I started this blog and then I hit that, “now what do I do or write about?” moment. There is more planning to this blogging that I thought! Trust me, I’m enjoying it 🙂 Since I have only trained for half marathons I wasn’t sure where to begin for marathon training plans. So one night at work I went to google and searched for images for marathon training plans in hopes of coming across some, well, images of training plans. I came across this plan http://www.dailygarnish.com/2010/06/marine-corps-marathon-training-plan.html from Emily at the Daily Garnish! Enter, my addiction to blog world. She was truly an inspiration to my blogging journey! I began reading her blog in October of 2011 and I haven’t stopped. In fact, it was only the beginning. I have found some very inspiring and motivational running blogs. So if you need some motivation check out my blogroll and visit their blogs!

Sorry, got a little sidetracked there. Anyhow, after doing some research, I have finally put together my own training plan based on two different novice plans I found. Here is my nonofficial 2012 Grandma’s Marathon Training Plan!

2012 Marathon Training

2012   Marathon Training
Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total Mileage
Week 1 rest 2 easy 2 easy 3 easy 3 easy 3 easy rest/cross 13 miles
Week 2 4 easy rest/cross 2 easy 3 easy 3 easy 3 easy rest/cross 15 miles
Week 3 5 easy rest/cross 4 easy 4 easy 4 easy rest/cross 10 miles 27 miles
Week 4 3 easy rest/cross 4 easy 5 easy 4 easy rest/cross 12 miles 28 miles
Week 5 3 easy rest/cross 3 easy 5 easy 3 easy rest/cross 14 miles 28 miles
Week 6 5 easy rest/cross 3 hills 4 easy 4 tempo rest/cross 10 miles 26 miles
Week 7 3 easy rest/cross 3 hills 6 easy 4 tempo rest/cross 16 miles 32 miles
Week 8 3 easy rest/cross 5 hills 4 easy 6 tempo rest/cross 18 miles 36 miles
Week 9 3 easy rest/cross 5 hills 7 easy 5 tempo rest/cross 20 miles 40 miles
Week 10 3 easy rest/cross 5 hills 8 easy 3 tempo rest/cross 13   miles/
half marathon
32 miles
Week 11 3 easy rest/cross 7 speed 4 easy 7 tempo rest/cross 16 miles 37 miles
Week 12 5 easy rest/cross 7 speed 4 easy 7 tempo rest/cross 18 miles 41 miles
Week 13 5 easy rest/cross 5 speed 3 easy 9 tempo rest/cross 20 miles 42 miles
Week 14 5 easy rest/cross 4 speed 7 easy 5 tempo rest/cross 18 miles 39 miles
Week 15 4 easy rest/cross 7 speed 7 easy 6 tempo rest/cross 20 miles 44 miles
Week 16 4 easy rest/cross 7 speed 3 easy 7 tempo rest/cross 13   miles/
half marathon
34 miles
Week 17 3 easy rest/cross 5 easy 5 easy 5 tempo rest/cross 10 miles 28 miles
Week 18 rest/ 5 easy 6 easy rest/cross 5 easy rest/cross 1-3 easy day of race! 17-20 miles

I say nonofficial because it will change. I’m a night shift nurse and my schedule changes. I work weekends and holidays, so a lot of my long runs will actually occur during the week, not on a Saturday. Also, the first plan I found had only easy and long runs. The second plan I found includes hills, med effort, and speed work. However, it also called for running 6 out of 7 days per week. That just isn’t going to work for me, or my legs.

A couple things that I do see could require some change. First, the first two weeks have much lower mileage than the other 16 weeks. Second, between weeks 2 and 3 there is a 12 mile increase in total miles. That is just too much of an increase, and I’m asking for injury if I don’t make an adjustment somewhere.

The second thing I am concerned about is the 20-miler barrier. I have done some research and am aware that running more than 2o miles on a training run could cause some physical problems. However, I’m not so sure on race day that I will be able to pass that 20 mile barrier, mentally. I’m very afraid I may get to mile 20 and have a meltdown because I won’t be mentally prepared to push through the last 6.2 miles.

Does anyone have any thoughts or input on whether to plan for a run longer than 20 miles?!!


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