1 Week Down, 17 to Go!

Has it really been three weeks since my last post? Yes, yes it has. Sorry about that! Bad blogger! Anyhow, this week marked the first week of marathon training! So I had a dumb moment this week…I thought I had 16 weeks of marathon training, turns out I scheduled myself for 18 like a good novice marathoner should do 🙂 Oops! Oh well…2 extra weeks of running certainly won’t hinder my marathon training.

As I mentioned before, my training plan will have to be modified as I go. Simply because of the first 2 weeks being so low in mileage and my working every 3rd weekend. So, here is what I actually ran during my 1st week of training:

Monday: off – I was on a plane back to reality, home from vacay!

Tuesday: off – I had a class for work and had to get household stuff done and food back into my refrigerator.

Wednesday: 3 miles tempo on the dreadmill (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my new tread, but I’d rather be outside). I think I was on there for a total of 35 minutes, but I walked a bit before and after the tempo run.

Thursday: 8 miles @8:44/mile pace. Oops. I don’t think that is supposed to be my long run pace, but that’s what I’ve been running lately. And, I know I run faster in the winter because the humidity slows me down in the summer. So there. I was outside and it was much different than my last couple runs outside, along Harbor Beach in FL!

Friday: 4 miles at 8:45/mile pace. I also meant for this to be a slower recovery run. Oops.

Saturday: 4 miles speed work. I wanted to get the run over with, so I used speed work. I like to do a ladder for speed. 1 minute fast w/ 1 minute recover, 2 min. fast w/2 minute recover, 3 min fast w/3 min recover, and then reverse it. 3 min fast w/3 min recover, 2 min fast w/2 min recover, 1 min fast w/1 min recover. In the future, my speed work ladder will look like this ~ 1-2-3-3-2-1. Except today I did 1-2-3-2-1, and I don’t have the patience to run a 3 min recovery, so I usually run a 1:30 or 2 min recovery. Oops.

Sunday: 4 miles at 8:35/mile pace. Another oops. I wasn’t feeling very good and my legs were tired in the beginning. But then all of a sudden I was running an 8/min mile. So much for slowing down. I’m taking advantage of the cooler weather so I am enjoying these faster paces. I am well aware they won’t last long once I start to sweat the minute I breathe in 70-80% humidity in a couple months.

Weekly total miles: 23 miles

Couple side notes here: 1st, This is the first time I’ve ever calculated a weekly total. I’ve kept track of my miles for my previous trainings for half marathons, but I’ve never journaled every run before. I’m surprised I did it all week!

2nd thing: What exactly should my marathon pace (MP) be? I’m still not sure. I’ve read Hal Higdon’s book and done a little research. However, part of me doesn’t want to set a pace because that means I’d have a goal finishing time. I have an idea of what time I’d like to finish in, but my #1 goal is to finish. Not put a time limit on myself because I don’t want to disappoint myself. Also, my calculations usually take into consideration my most recent 10K or 1/2 marathon time, but I’ve gotten faster since my last 1/2. So I may wait to recalculate my MP if I find a half marathon to run during my training.

Next side note, I haven’t been feeling very well this week. My stomach has been upset all week. I’m denying any possibility of sickness and blaming it on vacay (and flying), the massive amount of food consumed while on vacay, and returning to the dreaded night shift. BUT, I had an amazing time on vacay, I got to walk in the sand, run along the beach, and was kindly reminded how much I dislike running in humidity. But I could definitely get used to running with palm trees on a daily basis.

And last but not least…the Hubs cannot go with me to Duluth to cheer me on through Grandma’s Marathon. Boo!! So, I have a room and am thinking about who I can ask to cheer for me as I attempt to cross that finish line!

Oh and one last thing, I know I don’t have any pictures up yet, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to work on the attractiveness of my blog 🙂 Tomorrow is my day of rest from running, so Cheers to week 2 of marathon training!


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