Week 2…Whoops!

Oofda…I got a whoppin’ 16 miles in this week…Apparently I need to get my s#@t together and find some motivation! Working overnights really puts a damper on my running schedule. Really, I have been logging my miles but I just haven’t found the time to write about it. In my defense, at the end of this work week, work got crazy busy. Full house. No rooms at the inn. My long run was originally scheduled for Saturday but I worked until 8am. So I slept for a few hours and managed to roll off the couch, lace up the Saucony Hurricanes and put another 4 miles on them, and moved the long run to Sunday. We had a surprise 50th birthday party in Iowa for a friend of the Hubs. On the way home I got a phone call from work asking if I could help out on Sunday. Day shift, sure! Extra hours on my paycheck, sure! Extra weekend bonus pay, sure! However, almost 13 hours later and almost zero fuel, I was NOT going to make the planned 10 miles. So, the long run was moved to Monday. As busy as we were I sure felt like I ran 10 miles at work. I should’ve put the pedometer on my hip! Anyhow, here is what my week 2 review looks like:

Monday: Didn’t feel great so I took advantage of the scheduled Rest day

Tuesday: 5 miles on the tread…a bit of an upset stomach and heavy legs, but I plodded through and forgot to write down how long it took me.

Wednesday: Total opposite of yesterday! 4 miles outside, 34:10 for an 8:31/mile pace.

Thursday: 3 miles on the tread at 9:00/mile pace. Easy day, had ZERO motivation and I did NOT want to run. But I logged a few miles anyhow.

Friday: Took the day off

Saturday: Another 4 mile loop around town at 8:40/mile pace. It was chilly outside!!

Sunday: planned on a long run, but I got called into work for 13 hours. So I didn’t run and ate pizza and beer for supper when I got home.

So that brings my weekly total to a piddly little 16 miles. Whoops…Next week will be a better week!


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