Week 3, only a day late!

So after a busy weekend, we had a busier week last week at work. Work was crazy busy (but I’m NOT complaining because it was a nice change for the overnight shifts we’d been having). Week 3’s runs were better and I even managed 2 long runs so my  total mileage for week 3 was 31 miles…oops? Almost double from week 2…No wonder I’m hungry and have eaten almost everything in sight! Not to mention I got in an hour (and a mile) of lap swimming in on Friday. Along with a total of 5 hours in the water at the Waterpark of America with 3 very ambitious girlies. A few hours at Chuck-e-Cheese before we hit the Waterpark of America added up to one crazy weekend! Anyhow, here is how the 31 miles happened:

Monday: 10 miles on the tread. I had to work at 7pm so I woke up early, fueled up with the usual and ran a slow 10 miles at a 9:20/mile pace.

Tuesday: Day of rest! Another 12 night shift ahead of me as well.

Wednesday: 3 miles on the tread, and neglected to write how fast (or slow) I ran. I know I didn’t have much time because I slept all day and I work at 7pm.

Thursday: 5 mile loop around town at an 8:33/mile pace. I had a left-sided cramp most of the run, a little surprised by that cramp, but apparently I was able to run quick anyhow.

Friday: 1 mile of lap swimming at the pool for 1 hour. Doesn’t sound like much, but after 1 mile of laps I’m definitely ready for food and a nap. I didn’t get a nap but I did get some lunch in.

Saturday: Woke up a little late so instead of 4 miles I only ran 3 at a 9:05/mile pace on the tread. Also got in a little over 4 hours in the water and climbed a gazillion flights of stairs for water slides. Worth every step!!

Sunday: Got in almost another hour climbing stairs and in the water! Came home to hit the snowy streets for 5 COLD miles outside, so I finished the last 5 miles on the treadmill. I finished in 88:40, which I think is about an 8:50/mile. I can’t be bored on the tread so every 800 meters (half mile) I change my elevation. I started out at 1% incline, then a 1% decline (that totals 1 mile). The next mile was 2% incline the first 1/2 mile and 2% decline the last 1/2. The next mile was 3% incline then 3% decline. Mile 4 was the same as the last. And the 5th mile I changed to 1/4 mile changes in elevation. 2% up, 2% down, 1% up and ended with 1% decline. That sucks that elevation change crap. But when I hit the 3% incline and increase my speed I reach my target heart rate zone. Which, is probably a no-no while on a long run, but it makes the dreadmill a little more fun.

Anyhow…total week 3 mileage: 31 miles.

On a side note: I’m trying hard to track what I eat (No, not counting a single calorie for weight loss, just what types of food and drink I shovel in eat) for a couple of reasons. First, I’m trying to target the cause of mild tummy troubles I’ve had lately. And second, I want to be sure I’m fueling properly for long runs (or I’m trying to fuel and recover from). I’m still working on the writing things down. However, I am starting to think that the increased running is a cause in itself.

One last thing: I received the Marathon Shoes in the mail and cannot wait until May to start breaking them in!!

Week 4 mileage doesn’t seem too bad, but I’m still not sure when I’ll get the long run in because I work this coming weekend…Can you believe I’m starting week 4 already?? Crazy!!!


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