Week 4 – Let’s talk about…

Motivation! (I should really talk right, since I can’t seem to get a weekly post out when I want to;) ) Anyways…Many things motivate and inspire me to get moving. But let me tell ya, some days I find it very difficult to roll out of my cozy chair and lace up the Saucony’s. Motivation may depend on my mood, but mostly my energy level. I am usually feeling a bit lazy and need a kick in the butt to get going. So what is it that motivates me to lace up the ‘ol running shoes? Well…a few things!

1. Good tunes (once I get going)

2. My pant size (I’m not telling you what it is either, cuz, you know, each brand runs different 🙂 )

3. New Saucony’s…I got my new pair for the Marathon in the mail!!

4. My obsession with sweets (seriously…I eat way too much!)

5. The Biggest Loser…this season’s No Excuses makes a person realize we do make a lot of them!

6. Swimsuit season

7. Reading running blogs! Seriously! I’m addicted and motivated by reading other people’s blogs!

and the last 2, which include self-talk, are my favorite motivators:

8. I repeat to myself “Just think how much better you’ll feel afterwards” and…

9. “Just give yourself 10 minutes, if you’re just not into it after 10 minutes, you can stop”.

Guess what…I have yet to stop after 10 minutes. By the time I get to 10 minutes I almost always have a goal set and I think to myself I’ve already started so I may as well finish!

Trust me, there are days I literally tell myself, yes-out loud, “Just do it, get dressed, put on the shoes, and turn on the Garmin”.  Self-talk works. Try it.

If that doesn’t work think about you, your health, you deserve this. Now time for the nurse in me to come out…Think about this: preventable, chronic diseases. PREVENTABLE people! Diabetes and its complications (neuropathy, kidney failure, possible amputations, need I say more?!), high blood pressure, high cholesterol (both of which can cause stroke and/or heart attacks and early death), and other chronic diseases such as Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). People…these diseases SUCK. It is not something you want to live with, but you may someday if you don’t get moving! And, most of them are preventable!!! Some of these diseases are genetic related, however your lifestyle risk factors are major factors here!

Also, exercise is a natural endorphin, its beneficial to not only your physical health, but also your mental health. Studies have shown (sorry I have no source at the moment but I remember this from mental health in nursing school) that people with mild depression can avoid medications with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Reminder: Just because this is a running blog does not mean I think exercise=running only! Exercise means get your heart rate up and keep it up for 30-60 minutes per day, most days of the week! Jump rope, do exercise dvd’s, hop on a cardio machine, go to the pool (lap swimming is NOT easy!!), go for a bike ride, take the dog for a nice walk, or run! Just move it!!

Eek!!! Ok, sorry about going off on a tangent about preventative care. But, when you take care of people on a daily basis with problems that are preventable, it motivates a person! When I see people who suffer from chronic pain or health problems it reminds of how grateful and blessed I am for my own health. Makes me want to go for a run!! Ok moving on…

Week 4 in Review:

Monday: Day of rest! I wanted to run but had a crazy busy week and the upcoming week is busy too. My body was telling me to rest!

Tuesday: 5 miles outside at 8:21/mile pace…what’s with this?? I’m  never this fast, I have a sneaking suspicion this will change the warmer it gets!

Wednesday: 3 miles on dreadmill at 8:20/mile pace. I warmed up for a mile and then alternated and sped up for the last 2. I lifted a little weight afterwards.

Thursday: off…crazy day I tell ya!

Friday: 8 miles in 67:30 outside at 8:29/mile. Breezy and a little chilly outside but it felt good!

Saturday: 4 miles in 33:20 outside at 8:20/mile pace. WINDY!!! Holy buckets! My legs hurt at work tonight from this run.

Sunday: 4 miles in 34:20 outside at 8:27/mile pace. Another WINDY day!! Warming up though 🙂 What a beautiful weekend!

Week 4 total mileage: 24 miles…doesn’t sound like much but this was a busy week!

So my question for you is…do you have any self-talk motivational phrases that work for you, or songs, or anything that helps motivate you to get moving?


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