Week 5…Am I Late Again??!!

So, apparently posting when I originally planned (on Sundays) obviously isn’t working out for me. Why? Probably because I’m lazy about it and I usually try to find something else to do. Anyhow, week 5 of marathon training may as well be erased from the books, a whopping 14 miles…What??!! Whoopie! Here’s what I have to say to you week 5 – God bless shin splints, allergies and new shoes. No really…God bless new(er) shoes…Love them!

Again, I didn’t feel too hot all week. I think work, weather changes, sore shins, and allergies are all contributing factors. This week was a slight set back, but it is early in the training yet so maybe a low mileage week is what I needed. Here is a review of week 5!

Monday: Rest day. Worked all weekend and had a busy morning. Slept a little later and went to get some groceries.

Tuesday: Took a leisure 4 mile stroll with a friend and then ran 4 miles @ 8:20/mile pace. Then…my shins hurt. Even though I had a good pace I felt sluggish and crappy.

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 8:27/mile pace. I changed shoes and brought the treadmill shoes into rotation. It wasn’t as windy as Tuesday, but I still felt tired and not the greatest (God bless these allergies).

Thursday: Rest day, I’m resting the shins and recovering from whatever is blowing around in the air.

Friday: 5 miles @ 8:41/mile pace. Warm and WINDY! Shins did feel better after 2 miles with the newer shoes. Felt a little nauseated today though.

Saturday: Rest day…went to see the MN Wild in action!

Sunday: planned long run (LR) today…but that didn’t happen courtesy of a migraine, allergies, and 50 mph winds (I’m not sure if they really were 50 mph, but it sure looked and sounded like it!). I was going to try to run, but the Hubs and I took the dogs for a walk instead.

Total miles: 14 whopping miles. Hmm. Not cool. However, I’m certainly making up for it this week! I did get my LR in on Monday before work, but we fly out this Sunday, so my next LR is scheduled for Saturday. I also increased the LR this Saturday so I have a cut-back week next week while on vacay.

I also wish I would feel better. I think it’s mostly allergies. Probably everything blowing around with the 50 mph winds we’ve had. My shins have felt good this week too. Usually, after the first run or two that my shins get sore I change shoes. Shin splints have always been my warning sign that my shoes are getting old. So I added another pair into the mix and they’ve been good lately. I have another pair of shoes on reserve. They are The marathon shoes and I can’t wait to start training in them. I will bring them out in May!

What are your clues that you need new shoes? Do your shins hurt or does any other body part or muscle give you troubles?


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