Week 6…Just a Little Behind.

Nope, that surely doesn’t mean I think I have a little behind 🙂 I’m obviously behind on this thing I call a blog! This week was a toughie…last week I only ran 14 measly miles…WTH?! Apparently, this week I felt it was necessary to reverse those numbers and run a whoppin’ 41 miles. Um…no wonder my left iliotibial band (ITB) got pissed off. Jeez. That’s not even close to a good idea to increase my weekly mileage by that much. However, in my defense my excuse is my schedule. I wasn’t able to fit my long run in on the previous weekend because I had to work all stinkin weekend. So I ran my long run on Monday. My next long run I ran on Saturday because we were leaving on a jet plane on Sunday morning. So…here’s my week 6 in review…

Monday: 12 miles in 1:48 – 9min/mile. A bit slower than I wanted, but with 50 mph wind gusts I’m surprised I didn’t run backwards. Some left quad and hip soreness by mile 10.

Tuesday: 4 miles in 33:53 – too lazy to figure out what that is per mile. Rainy, windy (but not as bad as yesterday), and my legs felt good.

Wednesday: 7 miles in 1:03. I went to run hills and had only planned on running a total of 4 miles. However I parked 1.5 miles further than I expected, and somehow tacked on 3 miles. Whoops. So, I did 4 miles of hills (3 very large hills, up then down) with a 1.5 mile warm-up and cool down. Uphill was slow but I didn’t let myself walk at all. Yay me! Some left quad and hip soreness, but mild.

Thursday: Day of rest!!

Friday: 4 miles tempo run. 3 @ 8min/mile and 1 at 9min/mile. Felt great!!

Saturday: 14 miles in 2:12. 9:20’ish/mile. This run to date is my longest run ever! However at approx mile 5.5 – 6 my left knee gave me sudden pain that brought me to a fast stop. Lateral side with numbness and tingling. It was hard to get started again, but since I was in the middle of nowhere on some back county road I had no choice but to get going. The pain because intermittent, but my goal was to finish my long run, and by gosh I did!

Sunday: To the beat of the song “I’m leaving, on a jet plane” to Florida Sunshine!!! Rest day 🙂

Total Miles: 41… and 1 ticked off ITB!!

What I learned this week…journaling is very important. I learned as I look back at this journal that my left leg and hip were giving me warning signals…no wonder my ITB got upset with me!

Do you journal your runs or workouts?? Any suggestions for a crabby ITB??


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