Week 7…Not as Late!

Vacay week!!!!!!!!!!! After last week’s ITB episode I decided to take it easy in FL and run as far as my left ITB would let me. And…I’m on vacay…so I may not have journaled and tracked my times like I should have. Anyhow…here is my week 7 in review:

Monday: 3 miles – time ?? – Left ITB not so bad. Sunshine and palm trees always make a run better 🙂

Tuesday: Off to the beach! Parasailing counts as cross training right?

Wednesday: 5 miles – time ? – Went off the resort this time, got scared by a little lizard, and realized the FL runners I have met don’t smile, wave, or acknowledge your existence as a fellow runner (I also noticed this while I was in Ft. Lauderdale). Nothing against FL runners by any means, this is just my observation.

Thursday: 3.5 miles – time ?? – 1st 2 miles=HELL. PAIN. Almost in tears. Turned around to head back to the resort and my gosh the ITB felt better and let me speed up and squeak out another 1.5 pain-free miles.

Friday: Off…headed home. With a few too many cocktails last night, an airplane ride, and a planned long run for tomorrow I figured I should stay on the couch as long as possible.

Saturday: 9 miles in about 1:20 – 1st 4 miles around town were windy and chilly but legs felt ok. The last 5 miles the left ITB pain was intermittent and made me stop a few times. But I finished. And then my dog pissed on the floor. Nice.

Sunday: Day of rest 🙂

Total miles: 20.5 miles.

Um…executive decision made…must.see.physical.therapist.

Anyone had to go to physical therapy? What should I expect?


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