Week 9…(Halfway There!!!!!!!!!!!!) Comfort Zone? What Comfort Zone?

One of my favorite quotes, mantra, motivator, whatever you’d like to call it, is “Step out of your comfort zone”. These 6 words remind me get my butt moving. Whether it’s just to get out the door, on the tread, go faster, up the incline, or finish a run…it gets.me.moving.

This week I had my first 16 miler scheduled. This is the furthest I’ve run. Ever. It was windy, a little warm, and I didn’t want to do it. Period. My stomach was upset, I pooped twice before even lacing up the Saucony’s and putting on my sports bra. I had stuff to do and I wanted to find every reason to put it off. BUT…the Hubs said, “just do it. Get it over with. Oh and be ready for the party before 4”.  I couldn’t decide which way the wind was trying to blow its hardest, so I split up the 16 miles and ran the first 4 around town. When I run around town I get to run in each direction. Then I finally decided which direction to head out-of-town. Since my long runs require me to get dropped off in BFE (if you don’t know what this stands for, just ask) and I have to find my own way home, 16 miles out makes me a tad bit nervous since that means I run with all the country folk, tractors, crazy drivers, and dogs-running-loose.  Getting dropped off 12 miles out is so different from 16 miles ya know (a mile is a mile, and a lot could happen in those 4 miles…just sayin’). I also drop off water on the way out, so it’s nice and warm by the time I get to drink it. Nice. Anyhow, moral of the story…I got over my procrastination, got overdressed, and headed out the door and stomped all over the comfort zone on my way out. Oh, I also stomped on it again when I decided to do my version of an ice bath for 10 minutes (actually 12 minutes because I was drinking chocolate milk and reading a magazine) after I got back. My version doesn’t actually consist of ice because I’m a weenie. I just used the coldest water that would come out of my tub faucet. Anyhow, because I know you’re dying to read my week 9 miles…here are the factoids:

Monday: 7 miles. Time unsure of since I was pissed that I had to dig out my winter headband and forgot to restart my Garmin. It was cold and windy, and a slow run.

Tuesday: off. I worked last night and tonight.

Wednesday: 4 miles in 33 minutes. Tempo run with 8:14/mile. It was nice out but a little breezy.

Thursday: Off. Today was a busy day. I worked last night, we had a nurse’s meeting today, and I babysat for a friend after that. I had every intention to run until I shoveled in 2 slices of pizza and it was raining. Nice day to crawl into bed early.

Friday: Swim. I’m not sure how far I went because it was a tough day at the pool. My goggles were leaking and I was forced to stay in the water for an hour (Kidding…I could’ve left, but Pizza Ranch and TJ Maxx were promised if I stayed for an hour).

Saturday: 16 miles in 2:29 (I THINK)…It was split up into 3 different runs…4 miles, 10 miles, and 2 miles on the tread. This was a tough run. It was warm, the county road I was on was busy (but I expected that), my stomach was kind of edgy, and I had to stop at the hospital (I work there so it’s okay to poop there and refill my water with cold water), and then I changed my mind last minute when the Hubs dropped me off so I was short a couple miles and decided to finish them on the dreadmill when I got in the door. Then I stretched, took a dip in the cold water in the tub, showered, put on my stylish hot pink compression socks, got dressed, burnt the dessert I was supposed to take to the party, and I was succesfully ready by 3:30 for the party. Hubs was impressed…especially by the burnt dessert.

Sunday: It took me awhile to hop on the tread for a 3 recovery miles, but I managed. I also tried out a new pair of Mizuno Wave Riders that I stole snagged from TJ Maxx for $39.99. Even though they are a neutral shoe ( I usually run in Stability plus Saucony Hurricanes), they felt really good.

Weekly total: 30 miles.

What helps you step out of your comfort zone?? I’m thinking about doing a post a little further into the importance of this thing called comfort zone…what are your thoughts??


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