Marathon shoes…and a new idea ;)

I know I know…I’m shocked too! A post, a random post?! I’m excited too 🙂 I’m going to begin breaking in my marathon shoes. Trouble is, I stepped outside the box at TJ Maxx one day and impulsively bought these…

Mizuno Wave Riders…they are a neutral shoe and I had every intention of wearing them at work. Until, I ran on the treadmill with them on the other day. I always wear Saucony Hurricane shoes, which are a stability shoe. But these Mizuno’s felt really good 🙂  However, I don’t want to change things up too much before my first marathon…so here are the new Marathon Saucony Hurricanes that I will start to break in soon.


Anyhow…my new idea? To get myself motivated to post a little more often, I’m thinking about starting a weekly post called “Tune in Tuesdays”. A lot of people ask me what kind of music I listen to when I run. I have quite the variety on my playlists. So Tune in Tuesday gives us an opportunity to share our favorite running tunes! Let me know your thoughts 🙂 Would you participate with me by sharing your favorite running tunes?!


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