Week 10…It died? Or not…

Hello my fellow friends and stalkers 🙂 My week has been a crazy one and I’m not even sure what day it is anymore. Meh, who needs to know that stuff anyhow. The important part is I’m still running and training right?!

Guess what happened to me on the morning I was planning on doing my long run…The Garmin 205 (Garmy for short) wouldn’t turn on. I went to turn it on, nothing. Nada. Not a single beep or breathe of life. Deader than a doornail. So, Nuun and my water, Jelly Belly sport beans (my energy source for the run), and I held a mini prayer service and visitation. The hubs was too busy sleeping and couldn’t make it.

The Visitation of Garmy

I was even a smart cookie last night and charged it, it told me when I took it off the charger that charging was complete. I charged my Ipod too and that worked just fine. So…after a minor freak out session, running in the bedroom to wake up the Hubs JUST to tell him the Garmy died and I didn’t need him to drop me off in the boondox, I made the executive decision to hit the dreadmill. I wasn’t going to run without knowing my pace. I wasn’t as worried about the distance because I could’ve just clocked the distance with the car when Hubs dropped me off. However…I heavily rely on Garmy to tell me I’m either going too fast or not fast enough. I have a tendency to run way too fast at the beginning of a run and then I have to crawl home and get all pissy about it.  So anyhow, I hopped on the dreadmill and knocked out the long run. Sucks because it was a beautiful morning and perfect running weather. I put the Garmy back on the charger just in case…ya know. It might come back to life.

So after I went online and did a little comparing between a few different Garmin’s, I took Garmy off the charger and she fired right up. Seriously? Right after my long run? It works? What the hell??!! And she’s been working wonders ever since! Strange…but I already got the ok from the Hubs to get a new one. They aren’t cheap, but neither are the brand spanky new leather Harley Davidson chaps he thought he needed…just to ride in the rain and cold over the weekend. Wuss.

Anyhow…without further ado, here is week 10 in review!

Monday: Day of rest. I went to a concert for a class I’m taking, and had to follow it with a little dish of delightfulness from Cold Stone Creamery.

Tuesday: 8 miles/ 71 miles @ 8:48/mile pace on the tread. It was nice outside, but windy. I’m SICK of the wind already! I also had treadmill ADD and changed shoes about 3 times.

Wednesday: 4 miles/ 34:30 in town. A little chilly out but the run felt great!

Thursday: Day of rest. It’s a rainy dreary day and I had a very important lunch date with my Gram’s and had to get some groceries. Oh, and Frozen yogurt. I was preparing for the long run in the morning ya know.

Friday: 13 miles/ 1:57 on the dreadmill. You read this Garmy story already of why my long run landed me on the tread. Oh, and I tried GU gels for the first time. Umm…..NOT my first choice of an energy source, but I managed to get them down AND not crap my pants. Score! And I think they did the job well. I also had some Nuun in my water bottle. I’m getting used to that stuff too. Not bad. I sweat like a w#%$e in church. That’s what the Hubs always says. Real nice.

Saturday: I took this day off too. Its my weekend to work and I’m tired. So there.

Sunday: 5 miles/43’ish?? 4 miles @ tempo 8:20/mile…about that anyhow. I couldn’t remember by the time I wrote it down. Felt good though!! A little tired and hard to get into tempo mode, but I’ve been trying for at least 1 tempo run every once in a blue moon.

Weekly totals: 30 miles. Wimp. I can do better than that 😉

Question for you…do you run with a Garmin? Which model is your favorite?


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