Week 11…Just a little behind…again.

BUT, the Garmin is still alive and kickin’! Yay for Garmy 🙂 I’m so sorry I’ve been a horrible blogger lately and am a few weeks behind on my training plan posts. However, I have been writing down my runs, honest. I’ve been busy with crap and too busy to even keep up with Tune in Tuesday. Bad. Oh well. I had a couple songs picked up, but now I forgot them. Hmmm…Maybe next time. Works been fun, running has been good, and I’ve been busy stalking other bloggers. i’m also done with school now until summer session starts, so maybe I’ll be better at posting. Promises promises 🙂 Anywho…this is week 11…

Monday: 5 miles – time- I slacked on writing it down. Along with anything else. So it must’ve went just fine.

Tuesday: 7 miles – 63 min. This was the sucktastic run where I had to walk a bit because I was so freakin exhausted from working too many nights in a row. The weather was perfect though! My legs were just not in it. Kind of a disappointing run.

Wednesday: I figured after yesterday’s disappointment I needed a rest day.

Thursday: 3 short miles @ 8:20/mile pace. I had to get to work ya know.

Friday: 7 miles w/speedwork on the ‘ol mill. Here’s how it went down…0.25 mile warm-up @ 6.5 mph. Then at every0.5 mile I increased incline and decline (YES, my treadmill has a decline feature…one of the reasons I bought the thing). So here’s my ladder…2% incline, 1% decline (1 mile total), 3% incline, 2% decline (1 mile total), 0.25 mile @ 4% incline and 0.25 mile @ 5% incline, 3% decline (1 mile total). Then I go backwards. 0.25 mile @ 5% incline and 4% incline, 3% decline (1 mile total), 3% incline, 2% decline (another mile), 2% incline, 1% decline (last mile of speed). Then I cool down for 0.75 miles at 6.5mph. I fluctuate my speed on the incline and decline. I’ve been trying to increase the incline a bit and actually make it more like a climb rather than rolling hills. Weenie, I know. But my ITB sometimes dislikes hills. But, I usually run between 7mph and 8mph when I fluctuate.

Saturday: I took a rest day to spend the day in the rain at the MN State Horse Expo!

Sunday: 16 miles @ 8:59/mile in 2:24. Not a bad run! My left leg was a little tight and my hamstrings were a little tight, but I felt pretty good!

Weekly total: 38 miles. I ran 8 miles more than last week, but I took 3 rest days last week.


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