Week 12 should just disappear.

Oofda. That’s all I have to say about this week. For some reason my legs were just not feeling it and the weather decided to throw 98% humidity at me. Fun. Without further ado…Here’s week 12.

Monday: My day of rest.

Tuesday: 4 miles/ 35’ish minutes. Town, nice outside, perfect temp. A little humid.

Wednesday: 8 miles of pure hell/ 1:24. I actually only ran 7.5 miles and had to walk 0.5 miles as the humidity was 985%, windy, and about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. Sucktastic.

Thursday: 5 miles, not sure about the time. I probably sucked it up again so I didn’t want to write it down. Still warm out. It’s been a weird week for weather with humidity and storms. My legs were really tired and sore. But not like a tired, lactic acid sore. More like growing pains sore.

Friday: well, I took the day off.

Saturday: 18 miles @ 9:22/mile, in 2:44. This run taught me a few things. When the experts suggest to dress about 15 degrees cooler than it is. Do it. I was soaked. I was sweaty. It was a little drizzly. And I wore the wrong shorts, so they did NOT wick away a drop of moisture and there were a few times I thought they were so heavy they may actually fall around my ankles. That would’ve been a sight to see. Mentally, this wasn’t a tough run. I just kept telling myself I can do this. I got this. I ran 16 last weekend, I can do 2 more miles this week. I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot slower than what I really wanted. But I did go into this running with the primary goal of finishing 18 miles, and not to worry too much about my time since it was my longest run to date. So I’m not dwelling on my time, and I’m grateful that my legs carried me for 18 miles.

Sunday: I took the day off because I picked up an extra 12hr day shift today. I also learned a very valuable lesson at the end of yesterday’s 18-miler. When I got home yesterday I stretched, filled the tub with cold water, downed a glass of chocolate milk, heated up water to make myself some hot chocolate to drink while I soaked in the cold water for 10 minutes. After I got out of the tub I showered and put on my fancy hot pink CEP compression socks. I also wore the socks at work today. Guess what…my legs didn’t hurt at all!! Even after a 12 hr shift of being in the ED all day. I swear now after every long run I will do the cold water bath, chocolate milk, and compression socks. I need another pair now because I didn’t know how well I’d like them, so I only ordered 1 pair.

Weekly total: 35 miles!


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