Week 13…already? Only 5 weeks left!

This was supposed to be a cut back week for me, but my total weekly mileage was almost the same as last week. However, my long run was shorter. I also had a 5K PR this week…does it count as a PR (personal record) if it wasn’t an actual race though? Hmmm…it counts in my world. Another busy week…but so is next week. SO…here’s week 13!

Monday: 5 miles (a PR of 40:04) @ 8:00/mile…I hit 3 PR’s in the run. 5K @ 24:52, 4 miles @ 31:54, and 5 miles @ 40:04. I set out for a tempo run. But my goodness my legs just felt good and kept on going! This run really made me feel better because of my craptastic runs from last week.  And this run was fueled by a hot fudge sundae from last night. Hmmmm…maybe I’m onto something?!

Tuesday: All important hair appt and lunch date with the sis today, and rain. And…1 1/2 hours spent in TJ Maxx. And Frozen Yogurt. hmmm…Yum.

Wednesday: 8 miles on the tread in about 70 miles. I tried for speedwork because I needed to get done. My stomach was a bit off today so i opted to stay inside where I knew a bathroom was close if needed. It was needed.

Thursday: 12 miles @ 1:46. I went to a different town to check out their bike trail. I wasn’t sure how many miles it was, but now I know. I felt good, but it was windy. I took 2 Clif Shot Bloks at miles 4, 8, and 11.

Friday: day of rest! We got back late last night from a night at the casino with some friends and I had zero ambition today.

Saturday: 5.06 miles @ 8:40’ish pace…in 43:36. Yes, I actually wrote it down and got it accurate this time! Well, except my pace. It was a perfect day for running outside! Absolutely gorgeous.

Sunday: 4.07 miles @ 8:40/mile, 35:20. Another perfect day for running. I was going to do 5 miles, but then I thought we’d take the dogs for a short 1 mile walk, and I’d count that as my 5th mile. So there.

Weekly total: 34.13 miles. Yes…that 0.13 miles matters. 🙂

Question…does it really count as a PR if it wasn’t really a race, and only a training run?


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