14 Weeks down…4 to Go! EeekK!

So, I’m writing this late…again…I know :P. In fact, my only reader asked me today if I was still blogging about my running ūüėČ Ok ok, I lied…I have 2 readers ūüôā Anyhow, Yes I’m still blogging (trying too anyhow!), but I have been busy with work and, well, running. It’s all I do lately! However, I am also lovin’ every.single.mile. In fact, I’m already looking for a fall marathon but am holding myself back from signing up for any until I experience my first full marathon. Anyhow…week 14 was a little tough, it was windy and stormy, and I probably worked too much. I also experienced my first long run with double digits that started with a 2…I was a little nervous. I got dropped off 19.5 miles out in the middle. of. NOWHERE. Seriously. First, I will back up to the¬†beginning of my first 20-miler. And I will post a picture later of me and all of my beauty (aka sweat) after my very first 20-miler.

So, it was a Sunday morning, I was all happy about my longest run yet, I rolled out of bed early, ate my pre-run fuel which consisted of an english muffin with peanut butter and honey, a banana, and 1/2 pot of java. And then it happened…a 4.hour.nap. It was windy and crappy and rainy outside when I rolled out of bed, and I was in NO mood for shatty¬†weather on my 20-miler. So, I slept. On the couch. For a long time. And it felt amazing. So, around 2:30pm I finally decided I would run for the day, but just a short 5-miler. Well, I finally rolled off the couch, changed into the running get-up, turned up the tunes and headed out the door and started the first mile loop around my neighborhood. I felt so good that first mile I thought, well, I may as well have the Hubs drop me off in BFE. So, that’s exactly what he did. 19.5 miles outside of town. In the boonies. Dropped off 1 water bottle. I had my new arm warmers on (LOVE them!), new shorts, and new sports bra. I knew better than this…but at least it was a training run and I’m not trying anything new on race day. Eventually…I ran out of water. Had Hubs bring me a cold one (water…not beer). 1 mile later, my stomach so kindly¬†let me know that I was NOT going to make it the rest of the way home without stopping to poo. Umm…not cool. Bad situation. NO corn fields, I wasn’t about to drop my drawers in the ditch, and I would’ve been crazy embarrassed to stop at a farm place and ask if I could stink up their bathroom. So, thankfully Hubs came to the rescue. Picked me up, I told him to Step.On.It. Or it wasn’t going to be¬†pretty. I got home, did the deed, and headed back out the door to finish the 5 miles around town. I was still debating on whether or not¬†I was going to count the first mile, because I cleared my Garmin¬†and if I did count the first mile, my Garmin¬†wouldn’t officially say 20 miles…only 19. So I was going to eliminate¬†the first mile. Until I headed out the door. I got another 1.5 miles in, and then I had to stop for a stupid train. Wait. Wait. Wait. Finally I could go again. Felt good, sent Hubs a text telling him only 1 more mile! And then it hit me…I swear my appendix ruptured right then and there. Stopped dead in my tracks. Instant ride side ache. I have only gotten side aches¬†a couple of times¬†while running and usually they go away. Nope, not this time. I could barely walk. Then I tried to run. Right, like that was gonna happen! I was 1 mile away from home, my Garmy¬†only had 19.1 miles on it…so I caved, and counted the first mile that I ran. I got in the door, crawled into a ball for a bit, drank a glass of chocolate milk, felt better, foam-rolled, stretched, took a cold-water bath, and a nice warm shower. Then I screamed when I got in the shower because my nice new sports bra chafed off a layer of skin under my boob. Nice. Then I pooed, again. Just thought I’d let you know that fun fact ūüôā So…that my friend, is the story of my very first 20-miler! Now for my week in review:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 4 miles in town, not sure about my time, Tired legs but felt good. A smidgen windy though, surprise surprise.

Wednesday: 9.01 miles / 1:18 for an 8:42/mile pace. In town. Felt pretty good!

Thursday: 5 miles in town. Again, I didn’t write down my time.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: I thought I deserved 2 rest days in a row. And I’m pretty sure the weather was shitty.

Sunday: 20 miles! in 2:56. Read the above novel about my first 20-miler!!!

Weekly total: 38.01 miles

Any fun first¬†longest run¬†experiences you’d like to share? Please??


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