Hey Dude! We’re at 15 weeks and counting!

What? Another week with 3 rest days?? Crap… I must’ve accidentally taken this week as a set-back week on mileage. Since my weekly total was 14 miles less than last week! Actually, my long run was supposed to happen on Sunday, but it didn’t because I worked longer than expected, and a heat index of 100 isn’t good for my running. Since I’d rather run when it’s 30 degrees, not 85. I also worked all weekend. My fault. I picked up extra shifts, and then the emergency room was busy, and I was all greedy and thought I needed to work more and make more money. Actually the Hubs layed down the belt and demanded I make more money. I’m kidding. But the extra money is nice. Especially since I have been eating everything in sight. No lie. If it’s in front of me, watch. out. I’ll eat it. Seriously…after last week’s 20 miler my appetite has yet to be suppressed. I eat everything. You’d think someone has starved me for 3 months. And, my 2nd 20-something run did NOT happen this week, but I made a lot of money. So it’s all good.

Week in review:

Monday: 4.06 in 34:35 for 8:31/mile pace. What a gorgeous day outside! I love this weather 🙂

Tuesday: A day of rest. I had TNCC today and had to study afterwards for a written and scenario test out tomorrow.

Wednesday: 5 miles in 42:15. Hopped on the ‘ol dreadmill since the wind is only blowing about 50 mph. Left ITB a little tight again, but nothing a little foam rollin’ and stretching won’t take care of. Oh, and I passed TNCC thank you very much. Who’s your new Trauma nurse?! Me 🙂

Thursday: 10 miles in 88 min on the tread again.  That good ol’ wind is at it again!

Friday: 5.07 miles in 43:57 for 8:40/mile pace. Felt good today!

Saturday: Rest day. Worked for 12 straight hours…should’ve worn my pedometer at work because I probably got in 22 miles.

Sunday: Another day of rest. WTH?! Worked longer than expected and it was way too hot!

Weekly totals:A whoppin’ 24.13 miles. Oh well. Looking at next week’s miles I probably needed 3 rest days this week.


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