What!!…16 weeks down…only 2 left!

Crap…only 2 weeks left! Eeeekkkkk!!! I am very excited! I am ready to run! I got this…No biggie. So I started out the week tired…I worked all weekend, and I picked up 2 extra 12 hour shifts this week. Day shifts too. And they are always busier than what I’m used too on the night shift. Then I realized that school starts next week and I have to get my book. Then I thought it would be an even better idea to pick up a 2nd class over the summer session. My 2nd attempt at physics. I noticed that this summer course is with a different instructor than the first time I tried it, so I have high hopes that it goes better this time around. So with only 2 days off this week, I had a lot to get done. My final long run being one of this things.

So, I’ve been told that I’m a little crazy for wanting to run a 2nd 20 mile run with my training schedule. Simply because it is hard on your body, and some say you don’t really need to run that many high mileage runs before a full marathon. Well, I wanted to make sure I could push through that 20-mile wall that so many marathoners talk about. So, when I made up my training schedule I wanted to include one 20-miler and one 22-miler. I wanted to be a little flexible and had my ultimate goal set at anything over 20 miles because I wanted to know what that 20-mile mental barrier felt like.  I want to know what to expect on race day. I want no surprises. I don’t want to hit that wall and not know if I can mentally push through it. I set out on my (final!!) long run before tapering begins on Wednesday with 22 miles in sight, but my main goal was to go over 20. I hit 21.1 miles. I’m not really sure if I really hit that “wall”, but at about mile 19 it was hard. I had to walk for just a few steps, but then I talked my way through it and continued to run. And I made it! I was so proud of myself for making it past 20 miles! This run reminded me that I am ready mentally and physically to run my first marathon!

It is no lie that 20 miles takes a toll on a person’s body. I didn’t really grasp that concept until after my first 20-miler. Although I recovered very well; I wasn’t very sore at all. I attribute that fact to my drinking chocolate milk and re-fueling well after the run, foam-rolling, then stretching, and then sitting in a bathtub of freakin’ cold water for 10-15 minutes. And then of course, the beautiful hot pink compression socks. I wear them after my shower, take them off at bedtime, and I wear them the next day, especially if I’m at work. Anyhow, I ate. A lot. After that first 20-miler. Not so much that same day or the next day. But the hunger hit me on the 2nd and 3rd day after. Holy smokes. With my 2nd 20-miler I don’t think I’ve eaten as much but I’ve also been at work everyday since that run. Makes me a little worried for how my appetite and food intake is going to have to change after marathon training 😦 What?! I can’t eat whatever I want? Maybe I should just stay in constant marathon training and then I wouldn’t have to worry about it 🙂

Anyhow…here is my week in review!

Monday: 4.06 miles in 34:36 for 8:32/mile around town after a 12-hr shift.

Tuesday: 4 miles in 34:56 on the treadmill. I hit the treadmill because my left ITB is letting me know it’s there, and a little agitated.

Wednesday: 21.1 miles in 3:08! I forgot to write down what Garmy said it was per mile 😦 But I feel good about that time and what my projected marathon finish time will be if I can stay on pace!

Thursday: Rest day 🙂 Another busy 12 hr shift at work…probably walked another 21.1 miles.

Friday: 5.02 miles in 45:21 for 9:01/mile. Very. Tired. Legs. But it felt good to go outside and run a few slower miles.

Saturday: 6 miles in 50:27 for 8:23/mile on the treadmill. A little disappointed that I didn’t get my scheduled 8 miles in. I slept in a little bit and had to go into work a little early for someone so I didn’t get my 8 miles in. But my legs felt great and even amped up the pace, stepped out of the comfort zone, and felt awesome!!!!

Sunday: Rest day. Really really wanted to run, but I realized I’m already at 40 miles this week and will have 60 hours in this week alone at work. So That’s why I’m completely. Exhausted. Today. Especially since I’m used to working anywhere between 28 and 32 hours per week. All I want to do is sleep. And, I have to run 12 or 13 on Monday, and school starts. And I work another three 12 hour night shifts. Joy!

Anyone have any suggestions for tapering??!! I’m a little worried I’ll eat too much 🙂


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