Worst Running Blog Ever…

Look who’s baaa-ack! Seriously, I did not fall off the face of the Earth, I DID finish that pesky marathon I trained so hard for, and I’m baaa-ack!!!! I’m so sorry I went MIA, and I’m here to tell you that…I’m racing this weekend! I will be here:

I am still not 100% sure of my race strategy yet, but I will say that I’ve been running strong and training hard for a PR. I have a number in my mind, but I’ll tell you after the race whether or not I achieved that lofty goal or not.

I will also share with you the details of my very first (and not last) full marathon…but hopefully I’ll get to that this weekend. I will also tell you why I went MIA (this thing called homework).

Back to this half-marathon…This is the third year for the Mankato Marathon. In 2010 I ran the Inaugural Mankato Half-Marathon in 2:06:18. In 2011 I volunteered at the Mankato Marathon as a bike medic (a few months after finishing my RN!!)  Now in 2012, I’ve decided to run the Half again and attempt to beat my former race time.

Funny how the mind changes after running a longer distance. I used to think the half marathon distance was so incredibly difficult. Since running a full, the half marathon isn’t nearly as daunting. I’ve managed to stay in “half marathon shape” since finishing the full. I did shorter races this summer after Grandma’s Marathon, focused more on speedwork and tempo runs, and had a great summer of running. Any whoozles…I just wanted to let my one reader that I. Am. Back. And you’ll hear all about the full marathon from June (seems so long ago) and the half marathon this coming weekend!


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