So What’s the Plan Stan

So I’ve been asked by a few people, so what’s next? Do you have any future races planned? Well, right now there are no future races planned. I’ve been thinking about what my goals are for next year. I would really really really really REALLY love to run NYC Marathon next fall. I also would like to complete at least 2 full marathons and as many half marathons as I can find and fit in the schedule and budget. So my thoughts are, an early spring marathon and I’m going to register for the lottery for NYCM with the realization that I probably will not get picked in the lottery.

If no such luck with the lottery I will have a back-up fall marathon. Twin Cities Marathon is always a good one I hear, and so is Chicago. Both are within driving distance so I wouldn’t have to pay for airfare. And, all three marathons are now on my new marathon bucket list. Marine Corps Marathon and Nike Women’s Marathon are also on that bucket list, along with Big Sur, but those will probably not happen next year.

So, for early spring marathons I have a few options, but I’ll likely have to travel for them. Which is fine, but I’m supposed to be on a spending freeze 😉 Some options I’ve found include:

  1. Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA on February 3 (I know it’s not technically spring, but it’s nice and early in the year!). The course looks great and who wouldn’t want to be in CA in February if you’re from MN?
  2. IMS Arizona in Glendale, AZ on February 17. Again, who wouldn’t want to leave the frozen tundra in February?
  3. Rock-N-Roll Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN on April 27th. I have always wanted to go to Nashville, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on the R-N-R marathon series. I think it may come down to personal preference and how new the race and location is. And the R-N-R races are expensive to enter, not to mention the hotel and airfare.
  4. Eugene Marathon in Eugene, OR on April 27th. I’ve heard great things about this course and I’ve always wanted to go to OR.
  5. Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, OH on May 5th. I’ve heard good things about this race as well!
  6. Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon in St. Joseph, MN on May 11th. This is a nice small, flat, and local race. Driving distance from us!
  7. Brookings Marathon in Brookings, SD on May 11th. It’s in SD. It’s mostly flat. It’s close and small, so that definitely has an advantage!
  8. Fargo Marathon on May 18th in ND. I’ve heard great things about this race. Fast and flat. But I’m supposed to work this weekend.
  9. R-N-R San Diego on June 2nd!! I would be very excited to go back to San Diego!!! Expensive, but CA is worth every. Penny.
  10. Minneapolis Marathon also on June 2nd. I’ve heard good things about this course as well. Definitely a toss up!  I’d love to stay local and run in MN!

Ok…so apparently my list is longer than I thought it was going to be. Oh…the options. And those are only the full marathon options. There is a half marathon in St. Cloud on April 20th we will be doing. I’d love to head up to Duluth again for Grandma’s Marathon in June, even it’s for the half. And there is a half marathon in Door County WI that would be fun also.

So…what are my plans for right now? Well, I plan to stay in half marathon shape…meaning keeping my long runs to anywhere between 8-10 miles a week. Still doing a speed work run, a tempo run, and an easy run in my week as well. I plan on really focusing on my speed through the winter months. I want to get faster for longer distances. I also want to incorporate more strength training and yoga in my workout routine. I plan to do a strength/cross training dvd 1-2 times per week and a yoga dvd once a week. Ultimately I’d like to drop 10 pounds. This will help my speed, and my jeans size 🙂

I’m really not going to create any training plans until I ultimately decide on what my race plans are for next year. I am really enjoying my runs with the Hubs, and not really following a training plan. I just do what I feel like for the time being. Eventually I’ll create a plan.

What are your future plans for 2013? Any upcoming races or goals?? What races do you think I should try?



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