When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough gets…

The last part is up to you, what works for you. But for me, when the going gets tough, the tough gets moving!

Having fun getting ready for the pool!

Ok Ok, I know all of my hair is supposed to go into the swim cap 🙂 And that cap is so flattering when it squishes my face and eyebrows. What  a great look! I secretly just wanted to post a crappy picture of myself for your amusement 🙂

Maybe this post could be a little bit of an intro to a future, more in depth post (maybe with a little nursing research involved). But we’ll save that for a later date. I’ll think about it and come up with something for you with a little more reliable information. I mean, information that comes from a source rather than what works just for me.

But for now, let me humor you with what works for me, and how I deal with everyday things that are thrown my way. First of all, I get moving. I swim, I run, I bike, I do workout dvd’s, whatever it may be, I move my body. When I move my booty, I feel better in general. I can focus my mind, I feel better about myself in general, and I’m in a much better mood!

I can tell when I haven’t done something for a couple days because the Hubs will tell me to shut my face, change and go for a run and that he hopes I don’t get lost. I’m only kidding, he’s SO not mean about it, but it may sound something like, “Babe, I think we should talk about this after you get back from a run.” Oh ok, hint taken. And that run, is like a little miracle. No matter how far I go, how fast I go, I just GO. And I feel so.much.better. When I get home.

To help you deal with the everyday things that are thrown your way, take time, whatever time you can give to yourself (20, 30, 60, or  even 90 minutes). Those minutes may be the best thing that happens in your day. It’s not always easy to get moving, but let me tell you from personal experience, it GETS easier. It gets to become a habit. A good habit. So let me get all Nike ad-ish on you (even though I Swear I’m not getting paid from them) JUST DO IT.

And another picture purely for your enjoyment…

Heading to a MN Twins game last summer

What do you do each/most days to help you deal with things?? Have you found it gets easier along the way to roll off the couch?


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