A Little Bit ‘O Procrastination

Hello! And again, I told you I would do a post this past weekend on cold weather running. And again…I’m late. You should not be surprised by my tardiness anymore. So…I at least have the pictures taken but just not transferred from the camera to the computer yet. Whoops. I actually took the pictures Sunday morning before I dressed for my run.

The computer told me it was 37 degrees outside with 1 mph wind. Hmmm…I always dress for wind because I live in a po-dunk, hickville, small town and one of my only options for a run is to run the circumference around the town. Which equals just a tad over 4 miles, is almost a square, and I am going to run into the wind at least once, probably twice, on every.single.run. Anywho…I overdressed a little bit, but I’d rather shed layers than freeze my boom boom off (boom boom is what the guy from Brazil Butt Lift tells you to shake by the way…just in case you were wondering).

I will give you a cold weather running post and tell you what works for me, in BFE, MN. It just may take a day or two because I work 12-hr night shifts this week until Thursday. So…it may not happen until Thursday. Sorry folks. I’m even typing this from my work computer so I don’t have any fun pictures to entertain you with 😦

Does anyone have any questions they would like answered in regards to cold weather running?

When do you decide to hit the treadmill??


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