Let’s Talk About…

A few bits of randomness, with zero pics simply because I am too lazy and my rear end is planted on my chair. First off…

Let’s talk about…Saturday’s run. Oye….I had 10 miles on the radar, and eventually 10.22 miles happened. We had plans for Saturday evening, and I needed to get that run in early. Now, realize, my early is like 10 am early. Not 6 or 7 early. I need coffee and lots of it, before I run. I started to get ready, and turned on the Garmin. Aaand then I realized that the last run I was on it gave me the low battery warning a few times. Shit. So I plugged it in. I had also plugged in the ‘ol iPod because I downloaded a few new songs. Well that was not going to work either. My iPod has been acting up lately. It started with the cold weather. I think it’s secretly telling me I need to run in So Cal to avoid the cold weather. I was able to restore it on iTunes, but then it ran out of space and didn’t download my playlists. And I only saw that on the screen of the iPod in between it turning off and on and flashing. Eff.

By the time I got done with the stupid iPod, I figured I could get changed and Garmy would be charged enough. It was, and thankfully Hub’s iPod had enough juice left in it. However, he won’t let me sync it with my new laptop because then he’ll lose all his classics that he has to have. So…I am just about out the door…and crap. Seriously? Literally, crap. Nice timing. I have.to.poop. I do my deed, overdress, and head out the door.

The run sucked. Just.Plain.Sucked. And I’m not really sure why. I was really crabby with the iPod, the Garmy, and my stomach was just not feeling right. The whole run. I was crabby at the people that didn’t move over for me, that veered toward me because they were on their phones, and the old lady who couldn’t see over the steering wheel. And I was crabby because even though the temps were nice (about 55), I still had 89% humidity along with 20-25 mph winds. Just.Plain.Crabby. This crabbiness usually subsides after a run, and after I get home and drink a glass of chocolate milk, stretch and shower. But the crabbiness decided to hang around.

So…what was so motivating about this run??? I did it. All 10 miles. I didn’t throw a hissy pissy fit like I really wanted too. If I would’ve, it wouldn’t have done me any good anyhow because no one was even home to listen to me. Takes all the fun out of it. The miles got done. I battled this run mentally the whole time. My legs took over and felt amazing the whole run.

Let’s talk about…today’s 10 miler! Very different mentally from Saturday’s run. Even though my iPod is dead, I may or may not have thrown it against a wall and stepped on it (I didn’t, but I wanted to), I still have the Hub’s. Garmy was all charged and working like a champ. And I could not have asked for better weather for November. I’m still running in shorts, and I’m pretty sure I even got a tan line today. My stomach still has some issues, and I’m not sure what that’s all about.  Mentally it was a much.better.run. I have been a little sore lately so I’m really trying hard to foam roll and stretch the ol’ IT bands good after each run.

Let’s talk about…I finally upgraded from my 50 yr old dumb phone!!! I caved and went with the iPhone 4S. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Holy for a bunch of randomness… That’s all I got for now…I have an idea I may share tomorrow…

Have you ever had a good workout or run physically, but mentally you’re just not in the game??


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About…

  1. So basically you had a crappy run, you succeeded 10 miles of crappiness ( I give you mad props for that) and rewarded yourself at the end by getting an iphone!! Love it!!!! So me!!! Glad you finished the run! I was feeling your pain as I read. I’ve myself have had crappy runs and I ask myself sometimes “why do I run?” Anyways enjoy your new iphone!!

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