Where’s Missy??!!!

Well Happy New Year Folks 🙂 It’s been awhile…ok ok, a little over a month (gasp!) since my last post. I’m just going to warn you now, there will be no interesting photos in this post 😦 I’m cheating and posting while I’m at work and do not have my fun little camera with me.

I do apologize, but life’s been…life. A little crazy. Or a LOT crazy.  A little running. A little holidays that make me go crazy. And I’m undecided if I want to do any New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never done any in the past, so why start now?! I prefer to set goals throughout the year. Life changes, goals change, plans to achieve said goals change…and resolutions tend to go right out the window.

How about a 2012 recap? There really wasn’t anything too exciting. Except I completed my first full marathon!

I'm ready!

(And btw…looking at this picture and the race photographers photos, NEVER again will I wear a pair of shorts, over shorts…what the hell was i thinking?! I think I liked both pairs of shorts so much that I had to wear them both.)

Had a great half-marathon PR, pulled a 5K PR out of somewhere unknown just a couple weeks post full marathon (sorry no pictures!!), and I finished my 3rd (yes 3rd) 2-year Associates degree in Liberal Arts so I can finally transfer and work on my BSN…I think that 6 years of school and 3 degrees I should just be automatically granted that damn Bachelor’s degree 🙂

Hubs and I had a great year as well! We had a blast in Florida (I went twice!), we went to Sturgis this summer, spent an entire weekend at the Great MN Get Together with some amazing friends, and I got to spend some time learning where I want to spend the rest of my life in San Diego. I’m truly jealous of the bloggers that get to live, work, and run there every.single.day. Not. Fair. So, when I returned from heaven on Earth San Diego, I had a sales pitch to the hubs, it’s called No Snow Diego, and I might chant this sales pitch to the hubs everytime it snows and blows and the windchill reaches -30 degrees F…I’m working on joining you So Cal bloggers!

We ended the year on a sad note by losing one of Hub’s good friends way too soon and completely unexpectedly. Very sad. No words to say. Just very sad.

As far as the upcoming 2013, I have big goals 🙂 I will go into specifics a little later (and I will try really hard to not make you wait a whole month). First of all, I am going to try really hard to put forth more effort into this little thing I like to call a blog. I really enjoy reading other blogs, finding new motivation, and putting my thoughts to words and hopefully motivate others as well.

I am also going to try to remember to log my miles on dailymile.com…I can’t even seem to figure out how to get the widget to work on my blog, there’s no app for it on my iPhone, and my memory kinda sucks. I write down my miles right away when I get done with a run, but I cannot remember to log them on that little website.

I will save my running goals for another post 🙂

Head to toe

I just wanted to put another picture in for your sake 😉 this was taken in November and I was still wearing shorts 🙂 In MN….

Is it cold where you run?? Or are you blessed and get to wear shorts all year??

What are you 2013 goals?? running, race, or life??!!


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