What’s the Word? Fargo…Read This!

Alright kids, enough with the apologies for never posting when I say I’m going to post. So, first things first. A.) I’m done getting your hopes up and telling you I’m going to post because I just might find something else to do and B.) I don’t want to have to apologize, yet again, for my lack of posting. It’s my blog and I can do what I want 🙂

So like I promised (like what, a week ago already??!!) I have some exciting race news 🙂 I have signed up for 2 races this year so far…the first is the Earth Day Run Half Marathon in St. Cloud on April 20th and the 2nd (ok, I haven’t signed up yet, but I will, and I started training today, so it makes it official in my book) is Fargo Marathon on May 18th!!  ImageWhat a total dork I am!!! Wowzers I look incredibly happy to be going out in the frozen tundra for a run 🙂 

I also think I am going to change up how I post about marathon training this time around. Oh yeah, I started an 18 week training plan today 🙂 I am following a plan from Mr. Hal Higdon himself. Instead of weekly check ins with my training I am going to try to post my workouts and training more often. I can’t promise I will post every day, but I will try to post every few days. I am going to log my miles on my paper Runner’s World training log, and hopefully on Daily Mile also. I am also going to start a notebook to keep track of the miles I log on my new shoes…which I will give you a peek at the marathon sneakers when I get them 🙂 I ordered them from work and should get them this week!!! More on that later 😉 

Now that I am no longer a Marathon virgin and have done the training and gone the distance…I totally appreciate the distance, but I would really like to cross that finish line quicker than I did before. My goal has changed from the first marathon I did. That first marathon I just wanted to make it to the starting line and the finish line. And I did that. This time around, I want to make it to the starting line and the finish line, but I have a time goal in mind this time around. I want to take lots of minutes off my time. I ran a safe marathon in Duluth. I ultimately just wanted to finish. I never hit “The” wall, I never felt horrible, I had GI issues that I dealt with, and I felt like I could’ve gone faster even when I was done. In fact my last 3 miles were my fastest of the whole 26.2. 

This time, I know that I have a faster half mary time going into this run, I have also shed a few pounds (not very much, but a few!), I feel strong (except the lower back issues I’m working on), I’ve cut time off my regular runs, and I know what I should and shouldn’t eat for fuel. I feel like the biggest difference between this marathon and my prior full is the experience. Not that I’m all “I’m a pro and have so much more experience now!”. All I mean is now I know how I felt each mile of that full marathon. I know that I took it easy, I could’ve ran a little harder, and next time, I will! 

With that, I will leave you with what Jillian and day 1 of marathon training did to me today…Ripped in 30 level 4 is NO JOKE peeps. Damn near made me see the swedish fish I fueled the workout with again!

How do you track your marathon training??

What were the differences between your first and second marathons?


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