Mizuno Running and Saucony Running I have mad love for your shoes…

Good news Peeps…I got some new kicks…I have made the leap and changed my primary running shoe (hands over mouth and gasp!)! Why change something that doesn’t need fixing?? The Saucony Hurricane’s were working wonders and I love them. I still love them. and I plan on updating them in a couple of months. I just really really really wanted to try these bad boys…I just wish Mizuno (hint hint) would send some my way 🙂

Can you tell I've discovered instagram??!!
Can you tell I’ve discovered instagram??!!

The brand spankin new Mizuno Wave Inspires 🙂 Amazing. True Mizuno Love. Saucony, I still love you!! And if you want to send the Mirage 3 or Hurricane 15’s my way…email me and I’ll send you my address 😉

With new shoes comes a new idea…I’m actually going to be a good lil runner and keep track of the miles on these bad boys…and every pair of running shoes I buy from now on. The heel drop on these is 8mm…I’m looking into a more minimal stability shoe with a 4mm heel drop…particularly either the Brooks Pure Cadence II or the Saucony Mirage 3’s…Any suggestions? I will do shorter, faster runs and speed work in them. Along with 5k’s.

Guess what else I did…I joined Instagram…I have no idea what the hell I’m doing on there, but  I love the fun options for editing my photos. So…I guess you can have followers…I call them friends 😉 I had to show off the best pizza that I’ve eaten in a very long time…Papa Murphy’s Gourmet Vegetarian pizza…T.A.S.T.Y. It’s all in the garlic sauce!

Best Pizza Ever!
Best Pizza Ever!

Since I haven’t been on for a little while…I worked all weekend. Yes, I know it’s Wednesday. Excuses excuses 😉 I will share with you how M2T (I’m too lazy to actually type out marathon #2 training) has been going…

Last Thursday was a rest day. Since I worked the weekend I knew my long run was going to have to fall on Friday since I wouldn’t have time to get it in Saturday or Sunday. Friday I did 8.16 miles in 71 minutes for a 8:43/mile average. It was windy out but not too cold actually. The first 4 were really hard. Note to self: Do NOT eat China Buffet AND all you can eat seafood buffet i.e. approximately 15 lbs of tasty crab legs and shrimp and salad and dessert the day before a scheduled long run. The second 4 was easier because I was running with the wind and my hamstrings were not as tight as the first 4.

Saturday I managed 3 easy miles for a total of 27 minutes on the treadmill. Cold. Windy. Getting dark outside…Not bad. Seriously cold. I can hand above zero with minimal wind chill cold. But our temps have been below zero and the wind chills have been about 25 – 30 BELOW zero.

Sunday I did JM’s Ripped in 30 level 4 again. Shit this workout is tough! But I SO love it!!

Monday I took off and could feel yesterday’s workout in my arms and shoulders. It still feels like the frozen tundra here so I’m fine with taking a rest day. You know it’s cold when they are making schools 2 hours late because it’s so freaking cold. Tuesday I did 3 easy miles on the tread. I always start out at 1% incline and a slow (approx 9min/mile) warm up for about 0.75 miles. At mile 2 I up the incline to 2% and the speed up 0.1 or 0.2 mph. Depends on how far I’m going to run. With 3 miles on the radar, at the beginning of mile 3 I had the tread on 3% incline and 8:30 min/mile. I always step it up the last 0.25 or 0.5 mile and I ended the run with 7:54/mile. I cool down my run for 0.25 mile at 9 min/mile and then I walk for about 0.25 mile. Confusing, but I like to kick it up and keep the workouts alive on the treadmill.

Today’s run I wore my new sneaks and had 5 miles on the planner. I did a warm up mile at 9 min/mile. I left my incline at 0.5% and gradually increased my speed throughout the run. I ended at 7:54 min/mile. My left IT band seemed a little irritated the first few miles. So I stretched really good afterwards. Stupid thing. It’s fine until it hears the words “marathon training” then it has to go and get all pissy. Whatevs…I’ll keep my eye on it and continue to stretch and foam roll. My lower back has still been a little sore, but the weird thing is that it doesn’t ever bother me while running. Hmmmm…

Are you on instagram?? If you want to follow me my handle (old truckers term ;)) is mnmileswithmissy.

What are your thoughts on minimal stability shoes…Brooks Pure Cadence or Saucony Mirage??!!

What’s your favorite pizza?! 



2 thoughts on “Mizuno Running and Saucony Running I have mad love for your shoes…

  1. Hi! Funny just today I got myself BOTH the Wave Inspires and theWave Riders. I wore my last pair of Inspires out so much training for this marathon that I decided I needed two pairs to switch. Your Wave Inspires look much better than the bright, bright, BRIGHT blue ones I got. I’m not a big fan of bright shoes, but I could not turn down the Inspires after they worked so well for me 🙂 Enjoy!

    1. Amy I’m glad to hear feedback on the Inspires! I have had at least 2 pair of shoes in rotation for a couple years and I love my Saucony’s but I’ve heard so many good things about Mizuno that I want to try them 🙂 A friend of mine got the bright blue shoes and I like them, but for some reason I love the dark grey and teal better!!

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