Happy Birthday Miles With Missy!

So I’m a day late, but Happy Birthday little blog 🙂 A whole 1 year old!!!

Happy 1st Birthday!!
Happy 1st Birthday!!

Since our great MN Weather has turned into the frozen tundra and the wind chills have consistently made it feel below 0 the last 5 million days, I hit the treadmill again yesterday. Since I can barely feel my toes when it’s 15-20 degrees outside, I figured I should probably spare my toes the frost bite and hop on the ‘mill. With the new sneaks again. Had to try them out for a little speed session.

This run was one of those where everything flows and feels great and your legs surprise the shit out of you and give you numbers you haven’t seen in a long time! I didn’t want to get off the tread but I was on limited time and could only squeeze in 3 miles. I made every.single.step.count.!!! I did a little 0.75 mile warm up, then I ran 4×800’s with 0.25 mile rest in between each 800m. They 800 times are like this…

1st- 3:50 minutes

2nd- 3:48 minutes

3rd- 3:46 minutes

4th- 3:46 minutes

with a short cool down a little stretching! I seriously felt like I could’ve run for miles and miles and miles. I love runs like these! Not only could I have run for miles, I felt like I could do these things called Yasso 800’s for miles and miles!! I sure hope this treadmill running helps my half marathon and marathon times this spring!!!!

Today is my rest day. As much as I want to do something, I know that I need to rest. My lower back is still a little achy and my left ITB is a little cranky, so today we rest. And carb load for tomorrows long run 🙂

THE fish
THE fish

Happy Birthday again to my little blog!!!

Anyone else doing a long run this weekend?? 


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