The Accidental Snot Rocket and a Close Call

Yikes!! I had this post all made up in my head 2 Saturday’s ago and it’s finally getting written! Whoops 🙂 It’s always hard to believe how fast time flies when you really want life to slow down. The title of this post actually comes from that run 2 Saturday’s ago…I had 9 miles on the training schedule and with 30 below zero wind chills back in town I figured I better tread it.

I have a bit of treadmill ADD. I have a tendency to get off and pee about 3 times, step off to the sides to wipe my face and get a drink of water, change songs on the iPod, stretch, whatever I feel I need to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my treadmill. I do not mind running on the treadmill. But I try to keep from getting bored on the treadmill and so I make myself run outside of that pesky comfort zone. I have also been trying to change my breathing. I have the habit of breathing through my mouth while I run. Outside, inside, doesn’t matter. So, I’ve been trying hard to focus on breathing through my nose. The thing is, I have mucus. Doesn’t everyone?? My nose runs sometimes when I run. It’s worse outside in the cold. Outside I can strategically blow a snot rocket. TMI?? Ya’ll do it too 😉  So I was running along on the tread, breathing through my nose, and what the hell…I blew snot all over the tread. Nice. Real nice.

To go along with the treadmill ADD, I stepped off the side and kept the belt running…to get a drink of water. Well…my Close Call happened…sorry…no pictures of proof though. My left foot slipped off, my right foot kept going on the belt as I was trying to bring it forward it kept moving with the belt, and I was hanging onto the side rail for dear life…Thank goodness no one actually witnessed this almost face plant!! To make matters even worse, there must’ve been a teeny tiny stone in the bottom of sock and shoe. It stayed in one place and caused a bruise on the ball of my foot and it hurt for days!!

This is probably what my face looked like after the Close Call
This is probably what my face looked like after the Close Call

Sunday’s workout then consisted of a 30 minute Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown level 1 workout. Felt good after yesterdays run!

Monday I did Bob’s Yoga for the Warrior hour long workout. Holy.Shit. I forgot how awesome this workout is!!!

Tuesday I had 3 easy miles on the tread.

Wednesday was 5 miles at a harder tempo pace. I tried it with 0% incline this time. It felt a bit easier than the 1% I run at, but I didn’t really feel like it was much of a difference. Harder pace is a harder pace.

Thursday was about 3 easy miles on the tread.

Friday I swam again!! Went to the pool for the first time since November!!! I forgot how hard swimming can be. I have a hard time getting my breathing in order.

Saturday was a cut-back long run week. Only had 6 miles on the schedule for the day, so that’s exactly what got done, on the tread!

Sunday…oh Sunday. It was supposed to be a cross training day. No running. Well I was planning on using the bike and trainer that a friend of mine was generous enough to let me borrow. We set it up Saturday and I wanted to spin on Sunday. Well…that did NOT happen. Instead of putting air INTO the front tire, I let all the air OUT of the tire, and could NOT get it filled. F it. I threw tiny fit, changed my clothes, and ran outside. for 4 icy, snowy miles. What a way to make a person slow down. But my mindset changed by the time I walked through the front door, I felt better, and between my sweet sweet hubs and I, we filled the damn tire full of air. Bless.His.Heart.

Enough of my babbles…what a wordy post! Had a lot to catch up on!!

This is worth all the workouts ever done.
This is worth all the workouts ever done.

This Blue Moon my friends, is what I love. I also love food. So we had lots of goodies as we watched the makeout session Super Bowl and the commercials. We had a great time playing bean bags, drinking a few cocktails…

Uber tasty Bloody Mary
Uber tasty Bloody Mary

Had a few yummy treats…

Who doesn't like these??
Who doesn’t like these??

I actually brought these and did NOT eat the whole damn bag….I didn’t even open it because of all the other goodness that was there!!!! Many thanks to the fantastic hostess for all the amazing food!!!

And…now it’s Wednesday…Time freakin flies WAY too fast….Next time I will have a post about my spinning experience 🙂

Has anyone ever been to a spin class or downloaded a spin workout?? What did you think?

More importantly, has anyone ever had a treadmill accident?? I have had some close calls, but never actually fallen off…yet. 



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