Don’t go breakin’ my heart and a little Freeze Your Caboose Off!

Remember this gal?

Remember me?
Remember me?

She’s a tricky little bugger. Wanna know why?? Cuz she turned back on today. However, she won’t charge. Hmmmm…After I broke down and made the big purchase of a new Garmy. Which cannot be named Garmy. So Garmy 2 needs a new name. Any suggestions??

I broke down and purchased the Garmin 210. This new one also has a heart rate monitor. Which I used today!! and loved it! I have only used the new one twice, but I will do a review on it next week, after I’ve used it more. My goal is to actually utilize more of the features. I didn’t use many features with the old Garmy.

Now, for the Freeze Your Caboose Off…This is part of the Chillabration that went on this weekend in our little town in BFE MN. A few of us from work dressed up in our Vikings garb

SKOL Vikings!
SKOL Vikings!

The Freeze Your Caboose Off is a very small, local race. Maybe 75 people? There was a combination of runners and walkers. Our group started together and then we eventually split up. I caught up to the hubs, passed him, and finished in 31:43. We both were making this race part of our long run for the day. He only needed 5 miles and I had 9 on the schedule. So we ran to the start of the race, which was 2.16 miles. He got an extra mile in 🙂 I then ran home after the race winners and age group winners were announced. I took 2nd in my AG, but there were probably only 2 of us in the AG 😉  I then ran home and finished out the day with 9.04 miles!

My hamstrings and legs have been unusually sore this last week. I’m not quite sure why either. I don’t know if its because I’m going from tread to outside and alternating. Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to speed up and all of my runs are a little faster than I’m used to? I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I have been trying to keep my “easy” days easy. I also included a different workout on Tuesday after an “easy” run. I did Jillian’s Killer Buns and Thighs dvd level 1. I’ve done this dvd and all levels on it. It’s hard. It sucks. But I love it. I also think this MAY be the culprit. Let’s take a look at the week…

Monday was a scheduled rest day, but I did Bob’s Yoga for an hour. I NEEDED that stretch. Felt great afterwards.

I ran 3 slower miles on Tuesday (26 minutes total…that’s about 8:20/mile), took a phone call (before stretching because I was going to do the dvd right away so I didn’t cool down on the tread or stretch), then I started the dvd. I stretched pretty good after the dvd, so I thought.

Wednesday I had a great tempo run. I really wanted to step outside my comfort zone and speed up a little bit. I wasn’t supposed to work this day, but I ended up picking up a day shift and we were busy and it felt like I had already ran 6 miles by the time I even hopped on the tread to actually log 6 miles. With my tempo runs I’ve been trying to do progression runs. My first mile was a warm up at 8:32. Miles 2,3,4 were at 8 min/mile. Mile 5 was at 7:47, and mile 6 started at 7:40/mile and ended at 6:58 mile. My average pace for the entire 6 miles was 7:58/mile. This is slow for some of you, but speedy for me! I had my new Mizunos on and yes, I am still in love with them!

Average pace starting with a 7...whoa!
Average pace starting with a 7…whoa!

Thursday was an “easy” run. Outside, Garmin-less and did 4.05 miles in 34 minutes. I’m not sure what the hell happened on Wednesday but holy smokes it was HARD to roll out of bed today. I managed to eat breakfast, make my java, and land in the chair for a few hours before I finally convinced myself to brush my teeth, put in my contacts and go for a run. Yikes.

Friday and Saturday were rest days. Friday my.legs.hurt.and I have NO idea why. Saturday I had my long run scheduled, but I had to work at one job all day, and then I picked up at the hospital that night, and ended up getting called in early. So, I went and ran my butt off there. And officially took a rest day.

Sunday Funday was the Freeze Your Caboose Off!! I’m not sure what my official time is for the entire 9 miles. Just because I haven’t figured out new Garmis yet. Garmis?? Hmmm…The first 2.16 lap was 8:15/mile. The 4 mile race was in 31:43. and my final 3 miles lap said 8:30/mile. So…if I had to guess..I’d say avg for the 9.04 miles is 8:15/mile.

All these miles make me want more and more and more of this goodness…

Best. Treat. Ever.

And someone else wanted to say hello…Say Hello to Joseph 🙂 He has completely taken over the MN Twins blanket.

2-25 Joseph

Next time I think we should talk protein.

Peeps, Garmy 2 needs a new name….suggestions!!!!???


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