Nuun. Excuse me, I have a question for you.

3-17-13 Shoes with laces

Just a little bit of randomness for you peeps today. I decided I no longer wanted black shoe laces. I think the blue is a good choice for the pink shoes. I dislike color can’t ya tell? Oooohh speaking of P!nk…

Ok so the picture is shitty but it's still Pink!
Ok so the picture is shitty but it’s still Pink!

Guess who I got to see!!!!!!!! Holy shit. Best.Concert.Of.My.Life. Seriously. Girl is ripped, can do acrobatic shit, and girl.can.sing. I think she sounds better in person than on the records. Do they even call them records anymore? I will see her again and again and again.

Guess what came in the mail today?! My KT tape 🙂 Too bad it came AFTER my long run today. Yes, it’s Thursday and I made it my long run today. I work all weekend so no time for 17 milers this weekend!

Speaking of long runs…I finally registered at Garmin Connect and uploaded the runs that were saved on Garmy 2. I still need a name for Garmy 2 btw. Let’s try this…

Avg Pace
Summary 2:31:38.1 17.02 8:55
1 8:34.7 1.00 8:34
2 8:29.8 1.00 8:30
3 8:39.7 1.00 8:40
4 8:42.3 1.00 8:42
5 8:50.3 1.00 8:50
6 8:53.7 1.00 8:53
7 8:52.0 1.00 8:52
8 8:39.0 1.00 8:39
9 9:03.9 1.00 9:03
10 9:12.9 1.00 9:13
11 5:12.5 0.59 8:50
12 :23.8 0.04 9:16
13 :01.3 0.00 12:01
14 :01.9 0.00 8:42
15 9:07.8 1.00 9:08
16 8:54.0 1.00 8:53
17 8:59.7 1.00 8:59
18 9:09.4 1.00 9:09
19 9:09.4 1.00 9:09
20 9:17.8 1.00 9:17
21 3:22.4 0.38 8:53

Please ignore laps 11, 12, 13, and 14. I must’ve been pressing the lap button trying to change a setting while trying to run and not concentrate on that damn patella. I hate the 9’s in this run. I’m faster than that. But I’m also kinda injured. So I kept telling myself this is not a race, I’m on the brink of NOT running for awhile, so it’s about logging the miles, NOT how fast I log them. So I took a few little short walk breaks…played with the lap button (obviously), and now I’m icing that damn left knee pissed about the numbers on the chart. However, I WILL make it to Fargo, and I will PR at Fargo. I am glad I actually got to run outside today. It was 21 degrees when I started and the wind was mild (finally) so I was able to do an out and back route on a county road. Here’s my exciting view (it would be SO SO much better if there were mountains in the background)

NUUN I love you!
NUUN I love you!

(photo on instagram!)

Thanks to Nuun I stayed hydrated through my run!


So, what is my Question for you folks…First I should tell you about this Nuun I speak of. Nuun is a little electrolyte replacement tablet that you put in your water and these tablets are little flavors of heaven. Today’s flavor was grape. I just got a fresh box in the mail. I love them. Nuun keeps a person well hydrated and replaces the electrolytes you lose from sweat. I should’ve taken a picture post run today because when I looked in the mirror my face had the salty white grime all over.

Each year Nuun has a team of bloggers that run the Mt. Hood to Coast relay. If you’re not familiar with relays, they are typically a team of 12 people that take turns running 197 miles. There are different legs of the relay and the distances vary. Your team runs nonstop and each person runs 3 legs of the relay. You get to spend a lot of time with not a lot of sleep with complete strangers in a van for 2 days. Sounds kinda crazy right? Well…it sounds fun to me!

My question for you…Do you think I should apply??!! I want too, but I have NO idea what kind of a fun video I should make, and I have absolutely no idea HOW to make that video! The deadline is in the beginning of April so I have to come up with a creative idea soon if I want to apply!! Please please please let me know if you have any creative ideas!!

So you wanna know about my workouts? Probably not. But, I must tell you that I rocked the bike on Monday.

Monday I did my own little made up spin session for 60 freakin minutes. I spun my little heart out. I did a 5 minute easy warm up. Then I did intervals that varied with 30 seconds to 1 min sprints, rest, hills, rest, or out of the saddle for 20 minutes. Then I did a 5 minute steady, hard effort sprint. Then I let my heart rate come back down to earth and did an easy 5 minutes. Then for the next 20 minutes I did intervals again but this time I did 1 minute fast in and out of the saddle, and then 1 minute rest, then 1 minute hill sprints, then 1 minute rest. During the hill sprints I also did little push ups on the handle bars. Then I had a good cool down for 5 minutes. I actually wore my HR monitor and the highest my HR got was 167 and that was when I was out of the saddle. I felt like that was a crap ton of work to get it that high. And that’s not even in my fat burning zone. Yikes. Talk about out of your comfort zone.

Tuesday was an easy 4 miles on the tread at 8:39/mile pace.

Wednesday I ate too much, spent a lot of time in the car, and did a little spring shopping. So I took a rest day.

And today I ran 17.02 miles in 2:31 for an 8:55/mile pace. Not happy about that pace, but it is what it is and its a training run. My patella was a little bothersome but not completely painful. I’m hoping the tape and quad strengthening is going to help me get better.

Tomorrow I’m planning on cross training and cleaning. We’ll see which one doesn’t get done 😉 Take a good guess!

Please please please give me some good ideas for a fun application video!!!


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