That time I ran 20 miles…On a treadmill.

A little carb loading
A little carb loading

If you don’t have a Dairy Queen in your area, I have a lot of sympathy for you. I’m so so sorry. I suggest you move somewhere close to one. Except in MN. Right now, in Minne”Snow”ta, the whole state just got nailed with 8-12″ of the white, fluffy, signs of Christmas. But wait, WRONG SEASON Mother Nature. We got all this lovely white fluffy crap last night. However, last weekend I was supposed to have my long run but I had to work. So I planned the run for Thursday. My day off, no biggie. Except this happened….again.

Snow, slush, ice, and wind.
Snow, slush, ice, and wind.

Doesn’t look like much, but it turned into a lot more than that. With slushy, icy crap too. And the wind. The wind is the best part. Sarcasm there huh? At this point, I feel bad complaining about this weather. First of all, I choose to live here. My bad. I think that should change. Second, there are MUCH worse things going and much worse things that could happen. So just because I had to run 20 miles on a treadmill because of the weather, I’m just incredibly grateful that I am able to run.

Boston sure has put a lot of things into perspective. Hubs and I wore race shirts on our Tuesday run, and also ran 2.62 of those miles music free. It gave me time to pray for those effected by the Boston bombings, think about how grateful I am, and reflect on things. One last thing about Boston as I sit here and watch the news regarding one of the f-ing bombers is dead…Please Please Please pray for the safety of all the police officers the searching for the second marathon bomber. At this time, per NBC, he is at large and is a great danger and may be armed. We have many police officers that are close to us (not there, but in general), so PLEASE send a few prayers of safety their way.

So about that 20-miler…my first one since my last marathon. I was a little nervous but glad that it happened on the treadmill. First because of the weather. Second, with my knee, if it started to hurt, I would be at home. Not 15 or 5 miles away from home. Fuel. I feel more comfortable trying my fuel with the comforts of a toilet nearby. Thankfully, I didn’t need it. Third, shoes. I think I found a source of some knee pain, and I changed my shoes half way through the run and felt relief. Lastly, hydration. I sweat. A LOT. Like I can wring out my running clothes after every run. Especially 20 milers. I got my Nuun and refilled my Nuun a couple times. So how the run go?? It went great! Besides the fact that I got off the tread to check my work schedule, start a load of laundry, pee, change my shoes, and fill my water bottle. Talk about a little treadmill ADD. But, it happened. And I held a great pace. Now if I could only feel like that on race day! Here was my view for 20 miles…

20 miler view
20 miler view

Here are the stats:

20 miler on the Tread
20 miler on the Tread

Not a bad run for this girl!!

Well kids…I’m going to go fire up the ‘ol snow blower, pack, and clean out my car so we can head a few hours North to run a half marathon tomorrow morning!!!! I told Hubs last night before I went to bed, “If I see one more f-ing flake of snow this Spring, you will find me and my dog leaving on a jet plane to “No Snow Diego”!!! Cheers this morning!!!

Chant with me now..."No Snow Diego! No Snow Diego! No Snow Diego!"
Chant with me now…”No Snow Diego! No Snow Diego! No Snow Diego!”

Anyone else running or racing this weekend???!?!!!!! Please pray for sunshine for tomorrow morning!


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