Whoa! Who’s running in Fargo!!

Hey peeps!
Hey peeps!

Hey there kids! So I am still in taper mode. I’ve been working a lot. Not writing very much. Bad. I know. How was everyone’s Mother’s Day?? We had a great day 🙂 We went to my amazing mother-in-law’s house. She’s incredible. I love her. And I feel very blessed to have her in my life. So, I made her this…

Brownie Truffle=amazing
Brownie Truffle=amazing

I’m not the best at presentation, because I’m just not that into it. I’d rather eat the deliciousness. And I enjoy it that way. And I do eat some of the brownies as I’m making this pure piece of amazingness. Yes, that is a word. This my friends, is NOT healthy. But it Tastes amazing. And my MIL requested it. So I delivered. I also made a really tasty (and healthy!) salad but I didn’t take any photos. She bought the meat. We enjoyed the sunshine. She had a great day. And that is what it’s all about.

Today, I got to spend some time with MY baby…

MY baby.
MY baby.

My NEW baby. I Love her. She loves me. The wind was jealous today and showed up mad. I’m cross training (FARGO in FIVE days!!) and I wanted to take it easy on my legs. I will run easy runs tomorrow and Wednesday. Possibly take Thursday and Friday off, and marathon Saturday. I MIGHT run just a couple miles either Thursday or Friday. I haven’t decided yet. I had my last longish run Sunday morning with the Hubs. I said we’re taking it easy. This is what happened.

Taking it easy...
Taking it easy…

Well, it felt easy. That may be a slow pace for you. May be a fast pace for you. It’s usually a little on my fast side. I meant to do easy. But 2 rest days later, apparently my legs felt ready to go. So, this is why I might just take 2 rest days before Saturday’s marathon. Thoughts??!!

Oh and I cannot forget about my other baby…


It’s my Joey 🙂 He celebrated Mother’s Day with us. He gave her a really nice present on her carpet. Nice.
Happy Monday to everyone!!! I hope everyone has a great week. I hope to write again before Fargo. I’m really not sure what I’m feeling except NERVOUS.
Is anyone else running any races this coming weekend?? Where?!

Something random about your day?

I’m about to take a nap 🙂


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