Another upcoming event…

Guess what I signed up for?? On August 31st, I will be running my 6th half marathon in St. Paul, MN!!

I signed up for the Women Rock Half marathon. I am from MN so I love somewhat local races. I love the Twin Cities, especially downtown St. Paul, so what better way to see the big city!! AND….it might be my birthday weekend, so I must celebrate! And since we are up there, we are going to the Great MN Get Together (aka..the MN State Fair!) after I run the half. A little crazy. I know. Who wants to run a half marathon and then walk around fairgrounds with 200,000 other people? At least I won’t feel guilty about eating the fair food and rehydrating with Blue Moon and Miller Lite. Just a little fun fact…I’m only allowed to drink 2 Blue Moon beers and then I get cut off. Miller Lite or Premium Light are safe afterwards, but apparently if I have more Blue Moon I get a little sassy.

Anyhow…I’m not sure if I want to make this a PR race, or just for fun. I have no idea what the elevation chart looks like (because it is not on the website!!), but I do know there are a few hills in St. Paul. Either way, I will have fun and I might even run with my phone for once. I’m not sure yet.

And because I think you need a little humor…

The underwear create the muffintop?
The underwear create the muffintop?

If I would’ve known it was the underwear this whole time, I would’ve bought these a LONG time ago.

Who else is running the Women Rock series in MN??!!!!

Is anyone else going to the MN State Fair?!



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