Whew that was close

Check out the new, updated Races page!!! About time huh? Here was my view today…

Perfect Ice Cream Day
Perfect Ice Cream Day

Except we were on the motorcycle. Not in a car. And I got to eat it outside. Enjoying the 84 degree (not so humid) weather! Whatever MN’s weather is doing right now, I kinda like it. It is welcome to stay. Cool at night, beautiful during the day. Pretty sure our normal 90% humidity has headed East for the summer (well…for the time being). Let’s hope August 31st at 0730 is a beautiful morning 🙂

I took an impromptu rest day today when hubs called and asked if I wanted to take a bike ride (HIS version of bike ride, not mine. I LOVE both versions though. One is motorized, one is not) to go pick up golf balls for a tournament this weekend, and supper. Sure 🙂

Just a little bike ride ya know.
Just a little bike ride ya know.

Tomorrow will be a speedwork day I think. I have some exciting news in the running shoe department. But I can’t share yet. Just need a little more time, a few more miles, and then I can share.

Just a little runners humor for you. True story. Cannot make this crap (pun intended…keep reading) up. This stuff happens to me (and most other runners. But I talk about it. So Tuesday I had to drop my car off to get some new brakes. Figured instead of ask the hubs for a ride home I would just take advantage of it and turn it into a long run day. Good intentions. The morning went ah hem…as planned. Coffee, pb and toast, banana. Bathroom. Check. Deed done. Should.be.good.to.go.for.a.long.run. Well…I dropped my car off, turned on Garmy and iPod (which is ticking me off, so if anyone can help me by getting it to sync podcasts and new music without having to reset it every.single.time. I would appreciate it. Thanks.) and headed down the road. The first few miles were tough. My legs have been incredibly tight since doing 1, yes ONE Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 level ONE workout. Turns out you need to do these workouts a little more often and pay attention to form every time. Yikes. Anyhow…back to the run. Apparently…my stomach did NOT care for the toast (I usually eat an english muffin, not toast. Big difference apparently. Weird because my stomach usually isn’t that sensitive). The first few miles my stomach was just doing flips. I thought about turning around and cutting it short. Nope. At this point my stomach started to feel a little better. The mental battle started. I wanted to quit. For no.good.reason. I had nowhere to be. Nothing to do, other than run. It was cool, a little humid but not bad, and it was a little drizzly but actually felt kinda nice. I kept going on the route I had planned. Then my tummy really started to do back flips. I realized I was NOT going to make it home without having to stop somewhere. I was in the middle of BFE. Surrounded by the occasional car and the cornfields. I was going to try to make it to the campground about 1.5 miles away. Nope. Not happening. Was contemplating which ditch or field to duck into when my phone rang. HUBS! Called to see if I was stuck in the rain and if I needed a ride. So sweet. Who cares about the rain, but I need a bathroom. NOW. Bless.His.Soul. He found me, picked me up and took me to the campground. I get out of the car and I hear someone shout “Cheater!”!! At that point I couldn’t even look to see who it was, I just waved and replied, “I know!!” and sprinted to the bathroom. Did my deed. Had a much happier stomach, and proceeded on my run. Caught up to said person, who I found out I know well and was laughing at me 🙂 I told him it was an emergency bathroom stop and I had to cheat 🙂 I got my 10 miles in. No more. No less. In 1:25 with an 8:31/mile pace. Slower than what I wanted. But I just kept reminding myself that I do not need to run every long run at my goal pace. And yes, I stop Garmy when I have to walk so I don’t crap my shorts.

Do you stop your Garmy when you have to take a walk/bathroom/water break?

Please share your “close call” stories. All runners have at least one!


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