Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

SO…last week I did this…

Actually...I did Ripped in 30. Just wanted to show Jillian off.
Actually…I did Ripped in 30. Just wanted to show Jillian off.

Then…my hamstrings started to hurt. Bad. Like, really really really tight. I’ve done Ripped in 30 many times before. I did level 1 for cryin’ out loud. 1. ONE. I stretched. I went to work. and walked. So why, WHY the tight, sore hammys?? Running was slow the next couple of days and my speed workout at the track was nothing to be proud of. It went something like this:

 I was going to do Yasso 800’s, I opted for 400’s. Sounded easier. Yeah. Right. I ran my warm up of 1.5 miles (8:19/mile pace) to the track. Got there, realized the football team was practicing. On the infield though. I still had the track to myself. I did 10×400’s with 1:30 rest in between each lap. Here are my laps:

 1- 1:42 (6:50/mile)

2- 1:45 (7:00)

3- 1:48 (7:15)

4- 1:49 (7:17)

5- 1:48

6- 1:48

7- 1:46 (7:05)

8- 1:48

9- 1:46

10- 1:43 (6:54)

Cool down 1.4 miles with 8:49/mile pace.

Let me tell you a little bit about this workout. It was hard. I was hot. Drenched. Thirsty. hungry. Felt like vomiting. But by gosh, I got it done. And I felt amaze balls afterwards. I do wish I could’ve gone a little faster. That was last Thursday evening.. My hammy’s were still tight.

So…why not be a good little runner and throw in a long run on Friday morning. Just for good measure ya know. That long run was hell. It was hot. And I knew I would be slow. So I went into the run not worried about my pace. I just wanted to log the miles. 10 miles. No more. No less. I did it. SLOWLY. I even walked some. 10 miles in 1:32 (9:15/mile). Told ya I was slow. but guess what, I’m ok with that. I am proud of every.single.footstep. It was warm out, I carried my 20 oz. handheld with me with 1 Nuun in it. Drank that. Filled up at a water fountain 8 miles in. That was almost gone when I got home. Drank a 12 oz. glass of chocolate milk when I got home. And still managed to weigh in 3.1 lbs lighter than when I left home. NO Bueno. Dude, told ya I sweat a lot.

My hammy’s were still incredibly tight on Saturday, and by this time my lower back started to ache. So I did a little Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown level 2 before I went to work. That felt good. Wanted to run Sunday before work. Until I attempted to get out of bed. STIFF. My back was so sore I took a rest day. I don’t like to take rest days when I work that night. But, I did what I thought I needed to do. Monday was another rest day and “visit the chiropractor” day. Now, I have hardly ever had a chiro tell me I was hard to adjust. (I did when I was younger and much less active and had been in a car accident. This is different). He told me I hardly moved and he’d like to try again. ICE. Rest. See him again. So, I see him later today.

Tuesday I ran 5 miles in the lovely welcomed back humidity. Not too bad actually. My back felt good, but then when I sit down it starts up again. I have also been trying to convince this little thing called Plantar Fasciitis to go/stay away. I can feel it. It’s on the edge. It’s not painful. But it’s there. GO AWAY. More ice, lots of stretching. Don’t go away mad, just go away. Please. and Thank You.

  Maybe I just a little more love from this guy.

my pup and me

Next Half mary is in 10 days!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

  1. Yes, I wish my foot issue would just go away! I haven’t been able to finish up my training for Philly Rock ‘n’ Roll, it’s in 11 days, and I think I’ll try to run once more before it and then I fear I’ll have to walk a lot of it 😦 Your times aren’t slow to me at all…they’re awesome…I guess I’m really slow 😉

    1. I have realized that my foot problem isn’t going to go completely away, but I can prevent flare ups. I really pay attention to how my feet feel and I rotate my running shoes and my work shoes. I hope RNR Philly went well for you!!

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