Hello!! I just thought I would pop in and remind everyone that I am running the Women Rock Half Marathon this weekend!! We are in the middle of a lovely heat wave right now so I sure hope I don’t melt on Saturday morning. (I might melt. If I do, please note that I will actually be running a race with my Nathan handheld water bottle AND my phone. AND my ID. I NEVER run with them).  Please note: I am NOT complaining about this weather. I have not once complained about it simply because I promised myself earlier this year (um… after our 30,000th snow storm and we completely skipped spring and went right into summer) that I would not complain about the heat this summer.

Well…ask me on Sunday if I said one word about the heat and humidity. Simply because the race is Saturday morning and we are going to the Great MN Get Together aka…MN State Fair after the race. We are supposed to have about 80-90% humidity and the high for the day is 95F. I think I will wear my snow boots and parka swimsuit. Is it acceptable to wear moisture wicking, comfortable running clothes to a fair when its that hot and you’re surrounded by 200,000 other people? Seriously. I might. No matter what anyone tells me. Or if Hubs tells me it’s trashy.

I foresee this as my rehydration plans for after the race. I need to replace the sodium right? Um ok…I will alternate. One beer. One water. One beer. One water. At least I won’t feel guilty about consuming massive amounts of fair food.

I see a lot of this happening

Cheers peeps!!!

Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend and stay hydrated and healthy 🙂 If you are racing, where are you running?! Will I see you at Women Rock??!!


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