Women Rock Race Recap

Almost two moths later, I finally have a Women Rock half mary race recap and review for you! Half Mary #6 is in the books.

Women Rock 2013

Thankfully this race was located about a two hour drive away. I booked a hotel room through one of the sponsoring hotels and Hubs was crazy tired when we arrived so I went to the expo while he napped.  The expo was smaller than I expected!

Welcome to the Expo
Welcome to the Expo

I walked around, bought a couple of things and headed over to pick up my race packet.  The goodies for this race were pretty much the reason I signed up! They gave us a Women Rock jacket and a necklace with a tiny diamond and a ruby on it. This went pretty smooth.  I walked back to the hotel and checked out our view of the Mississippi River and Harriet Island.

Hotel room view
Hotel room view. I am an amazing photographer.

We walked downtown for supper and a little carb loading…

Pre Run hydration
Pre Run hydration

After supper we went back to the hotel to relax and I could get ready for the morning.

Start Line
Start Line

I never ever run a race with my phone, so consider this a treat that you actually get a picture of a starting line. I should tell you why I do not run with my phone except when I’m on a long run in BFE…this girl sweats. A.LOT. Like so much that I have actually ruined iPods due to moisture from my sweatiness.  I do no need to ruin my phone due to me being a Sweaty Betty.  However, during this race I made an exception for three reasons. First, I decided to run with my handheld water bottle and I had a place to store the phone (which is also a first during a race). Second, it was HOT. The start wasn’t bad, but my mile 8 and full sun, it was hot. I figured IF something were to happen to me or I wasn’t able to finish or crawl to the finish, I could call Hubs.  Or 911. Whichever was appropriate.  Lastly, there wasn’t really a great way to find Hubs afterwards so if I needed to call him, I could’ve.  Anyhow…moving on.

Aside from my very first half marathon experience, this was my toughest.  Mentally and physically. I do not run well in the heat.  I have avoided the treadmill because I knew I was running this race and wanted to run in the heat (Wait, what?!). I was also taking it easy because I wasn’t sure how my left foot would do with the distance and I had different shoes on (more on that later). I had two goals for this race. A. I wanted to finish under 2 hours and B. I wanted to finish! Lofty goals huh?!  Here is a look at how the miles went down:

Finisher gem!
Finisher gem!


Official time was 1:53:14.  Yikes. Look at those splits!! Way to positive split like a pro! However I reached both goals and finished. And, I got handed the necklace above by a spicy, shirtless young man.

Since it was two months ago, I can’t recall what went down mile by mile. Except I didn’t go down. Thankfully.  All I know is that I was so glad to see the finish line. As far as how well the race was organized, I THINK (do not quote me as I really have no idea what I’m talking about) I read that this is only the 2nd year for the race. However, it is put on by Team Ortho, which also organizes a series of races in the Twin Cities area throughout the year. It wasn’t bad, but what do I know, I haven’t been to very many. The only thing I didn’t care for was the lack of water stops and volunteers at the water stops.  They announced on their website they would have two extra stops, and I did not see them. I didn’t bag drop so I’m not sure how smoothly that went, but it looked well organized.  The half marathoners were shuttled to the starting line, but the hike to the shuttles was a little far. However, it was a nice little warm up. There were plenty of porta johns and water at the start.

After I finished we went back to the room so I could shower and change.  We checked out and headed to the Great MN Get Together aka the MN State Fair (for all of you non-Minnesotans).   I had to celebrate finishing the half in proper style…

Post half mary rehydration
Post half mary rehydration

Yes, I do have a plastic beer cup koozie. Be jealous. It’s amazing.

The BEST strawberries with real whipped cream
The BEST strawberries with real whipped cream

These strawberries and real cream are the whole reason I go to the fair. (That isn’t true, I go because Hubs goes every single year). But I do have to eat these every year. Except my cream was starting to melt before I could finish the strawberries. Lovely.  But tasty. Very tasty.

So, finally, a Women Rock half mary recap! Not my best time, but not my slowest.  It was a fun atmosphere and next year I would love to make it a girls’ weekend!!!


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