Counting Stars

A whole lot of homework, work, and life stuff happening over here in my little part of the world. Rest assured, I have been cross training and strength training, a little bit of running, and not much for yogaing…I need to work on that part. My left foot is still a little iffy. Honestly, it felt better when I was just running. Cycling and circuit training with Jillian is tough work! Talk about stepping outside of your comfort zone…

One of my favorite sayings from Jillian Michaels is, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” I find myself repeating that when it gets tough. I might swear at her too…just saying’ 😉  Speaking of getting uncomfortable, an hour was spent on this beaut this morning!

Trainer Trainer!!
Trainer Trainer!!

Ok, so this is not my bike, in fact this picture is from last year when I borrowed a friend’s bike and trainer.  I am just too lazy (and my legs still hurt) to go upstairs to get the cord to download the photo of Lexa on my NEW trainer! Last year I downloaded a couple of spin videos from and I LOVED them.  I about died (or least I felt like I was going to), but they are killer spin workouts.  This year, I caved and bought the all access pass and now I can do any video I want whenever I want!


These trainers are no joke.  They are tough. They push you (well, me at least) WAY out of my comfort zone.  My legs feel like jello 5 minutes in and my heart rate feels like it’s through the roof.  These workouts are usually an hour long, but they do include an amazing stretch for the last few minutes.  If you have a bike trainer, and you just hop on and go, seriously you need to try these videos! I have tried a few different instructors and I love them all.

And, to be totally random, the new One Republic song, Counting StarsYeah, I cannot get it out of my head! Love love love it!


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I must ask everyone, what are you most thankful for?!

I am thankful for too many things to mention! However, I have been counting my blessings a little more lately 🙂

Has anyone tried Studio Sweat On Demand or any other type of online workout? Any suggestions for an online yoga class?


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