No Regrets

Tis the season to want to shovel in a lot of tasty food, and resort to the couch due to the fact that I would have to be rolled onto the treadmill, or bike, or the gym.  Each December I try to change up my workouts, run a few less miles, increase the strength training, and workout a little more than normal, simply because I have a difficult time resisting all the goodies at family Christmas get togethers and all the treats at work.  The treats started a little early this year with many thanks to an amazing co-worker of mine who thinks I run too much. She likes to challenge my ability to run off what she feeds me at work 🙂 Aaannd….since it is night shift, of course I eat a little more to stay awake, or boredom. One of the two. Here are some Thanksgiving treats she brought me…

Amazing cupcakes with a cream filled center!
Amazing cupcakes with a cream filled center!

I have to disclose that  I only ate 1/2 of one…and am very proud of myself for that!

Gingerbread Men!
Gingerbread Men!

I also resisted eating these little guys. Basically because they are hard cookies, and I prefer mine soft, chewy, and a little undercooked (just a little heads up if any of you want to send me any cookies ;)). And…they are so cute I couldn’t eat them!

You little turkey
You little turkey

AND…I did NOT eat the contents of this little turkey! But I sure wanted too…what is wrong with me? I think if something is decorated so cute I don’t want to ruin it by eating it?!

Anyhow….I have started trying hard to get my workouts done right when I wake up so my body can move but my mind hasn’t quite figured out what I’m doing yet (with NO coffee yet). Tuesday I really procrastinated.  I was tired from the previous work week(end), and my email was bombarded with all of the amazing Christmas shopping deals…so, I had to scope them out. Anyhow…I didn’t get off the couch to workout until about noon. I know right?! But I did score some amazing deals 😉 I was debating on just jumping in the shower, eating lunch, and skipping a workout. But, my little trick that I did when I rolled out of bed worked…I got dressed right away for a workout. It just took me a few hours to actually do the workout. I figured I was already dressed to workout so I might as well just do it. And…am I glad I did! I tried another new spin sculpt class that was 65 minutes long and I loved every second of it! No regrets!!!! I felt so much better after I got my sweat on!

Do you ever regret a workout? Do you ever regret NOT working out?

Do you tend to eat more during the holidays and workout more, or do you try to keep track of what you eat?


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