What’s Up 2014!

Looking back on this year, some pretty amazing things happened.  I will try to do a complete 2013 year in review! School is almost done for the semester so I should have time to actually write more. I had some races in mind for 2013 that  I did not run, but they are on my bucket list and will eventually get crossed off. NYC Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, Boston!, and Twin Cities Marathon are all on that bucket list! I would love to travel a little more in 2014, even if they are driveable distances. South Dakota has a late Spring marathon in the Black Hills in June that I would love to run! There are also a few races within MN that I would like to run. Aside from the small, local 5k’s and such, 2014 races on my calendar radar are still up in the air. 

So, what I have planned so far, just haven’t registered yet include Grandma’s Marathon in June! This marathon is my favorite. I  think just because it was my first half marathon race and my first full! You can read that recap here! Grandma’s Marathon is going to my goal race this year! I have yet to decide what training plan to follow. I would like to step up the training this time around so if you have any suggestions on good training plans, please let me know!

Poster made with love by my nieces!
Poster made with love by my nieces!

The other race I am 95% sure I will run (if I don’t run I will volunteer) is the Mankato Half Marathon. This is a local race and I have participated or volunteered every year it has been going on. 2014 will be it’s 5th year already! I’ve run the half marathon race three times and I absolutely love, love, love this race! My 2013 recap is here! 2012 recap here!

I will also be participating in the 2014 area triathlon. This is the same, local tri I did this year. It was also my first, and has me seriously considering longer distance triathlons! That recap is here! The only tricky part with this race is…it might be held the day AFTER Grandma’s…yep. You read that right. Call me crazy.

Tri transition area
Tri transition area

The next CRAZY thing I am 90% sure about is new to me, and includes a race on my bucket list. So, this fall when all the cool bloggers were running the Runner’s World hat trick, I was a little jealous…I thought, well, I could do that! 5k and 10k one day, and a half marathon the next? No big deal. Aaaaaaaaand then I read about the Twin Cities Marathon Ultra Loony Challenge. (Get it….the Loon is the MN State bird!). There are two challenges actually. The Loony Challenge is the 10k, followed by a 5k the day before the TC 10 miler.  The Ultra Loony Challenge is the 10k and 5k the day before the full marathon. Friends, I really really really want to do the Ultra Loony Challenge. I would not be running the full marathon for a time goal. I’ve heard amazing things about the entire course, and I want to soak it all up and enjoy the scenery.  I was > > close to signing up for it…and I need to do it soon because there are a limited amount of spots open. So, hopefully by this weekend I will be signed up for that crazy challenge!

Oh…and look what came in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtesy of instagram
Courtesy of instagram

What races are on your running bucket list?

Are you registered for any 2014 races yet?


6 thoughts on “What’s Up 2014!

  1. I just did a post on my 2014 plan! I’m hoping to lottery Grandma’s (it was my first half in 2012 and my first (so far only) full this year!) I would love to do a race of Mankato at some point, but haven’t yet.

    1. I love Grandma’s marathon!! The ONLY negative about the whole race weekend is the hotel situation…99.9% of them double their rates and have 2 night minimums…makes for an expensive 2 days! You should do a Mankato race! I love it! Small, yet very well organized!

      1. I stayed at sheraton last year (parents paid for that which was amazing!). I plan on staying in the dorms if I do it again (if I’m attempting a goal pace) if I’m doing it for fun I will stay with friends who live around there.

      2. How did you like the Sheraton? We’ve stayed at the Holiday Inn the past couple years! If the triathlon is the day after the full marathon this year my husband won’t go to Duluth and I don’t want to waste a night’s stay so I will probably just stay in the dorms!

      3. I loved the sheraton, I didn’t eat dinner there, but wish I would have (they had pasta specials that aren’t normally on the menu) plus they had bagels available in the morning. The elites were all staying there which was fun to see them in the elevators. Which triathlon is your hubby looking at? I plan on staying in the dorms the next time, the sheraton was a splurge since it was my first full.

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