Ripped in 30 did this to me…

Todays workout was brought to you by Jillian Michaels, whom I swore at a time or two. I am smack in the middle of redoing the Ripped in 30 DVD…and holy shit, if I’m not ripped in 30, I want my fat money back JM! It started out looking a little like this:

All smiles and happy to go work out...
All smiles and happy to go work out…

Until approximately 30 minutes, a few swear words directed towards JM and a LOT of sweat later…this is what I felt like…

Yikes...what the hell is she trying to do to me??!!
Yikes…what the hell is she trying to do to me??!!

I opted out of the part she defines as a cool down and I hopped on the tread for exactly 1 mile. I have decided to do my own little experiment. Since I happen to disagree with the short amount of time JL calls a cool down (I personally like the short amount of time, but my legs will tell you a different story), I have decided to walk it out for a mile or two post JM workout and then I will do my own stretching. Since it’s impossible for me to actually WALK on a treadmill, I ran for a 1/2 mile, and then I walked to cool down.

Let me tell you my little, boring story about why December was a cutback month for me and my love of running. After the November Pile on the Miles challenge I was feeling great, strong, and ready to run. However, my lower back was telling me a different story. I decided to make a trip to my chiropractor to see if my hips and spine were out of alignment. He said I was slightly off, but for some reason my hamstrings were incredibly tight. Like, I can’t even straighten my legs and barely make a 90 degree angle while I’m laying on my back. “Not Good” he said. “You need to work on that” and “stretch, strengthen your core, and take it easy on running” also came flying out of his mouth. I interpreted this as, “You probably should not eat so much holiday food and goodies because you will not be running nearly as much as you ran in November and all the food you shovel in will go directly to your boo-tay”.

A little dramatic…So after stomping my feet, throwing a hissy pissy fit, and taking a day or two off from running, I decided to set a goal for the month of December and created a plan of action. I really didn’t stomp my feet or throw a hissy pissy fit, but I wanted too. So my goal was to increase my circuit and strength training (I should say ADD it to my workouts, because let me be honest here, it was not a part of my routine, and has not been for quite some time). I decided to do a DVD at least twice per week (not much, but it’s a start!) and then cut back my runs, shorten the distances, and not worry about my mileage for the month. So, this is what I did.

In the meantime, life got crazy, work got crazy, and I managed to get my workouts and runs in, but I was NOT taking the time to stretch after my runs (not good, since it is December in MN and even though I may be warm and my muscles may be warmer, they are still cold because it is cold outside!!). I also do not think that JM’s cool down is long enough. I don’t think she holds the stretches long enough. I love her, and I love her workouts but my legs were really tight and sore after the workouts. Running in snow and on ice wasn’t helping the fact either. I’m only on week 3 of the Ripped in 30 DVD, but I can tell a difference in my lower back since I’ve cut back on the miles and added the circuit training. I love her DVD’s because I get the strength training and core work that I need. The cardio is an added bonus, but today’s squat jacks…made me send a few choice words her way 🙂

With my lower back starting to feel better, I have been itching to get back into some higher mileage. I did 8 miles yesterday, but I was only planning on 6 or 7. I hit 7 and I was further away from home than I thought so I just figured I would go for 8. My hamstrings got a little tight, but I just slowed down and kept putting one foot in front of the other until Garmy said 8.05 miles. My lower back felt great and I even took the time to stretch really good when I got in the door.

I can’t wait to share with you my upcoming running and racing goals! The next post, I promise 🙂 I got a little off topic with this post! But I think it’s important to talk about how we should listen to our bodies and how we are feeling. It is also important to be able to change our plans, our goals, and realize that it is ok to step back and take it easy every once in awhile. I have actually enjoyed the change of pace, the shorter workouts even though they still felt very effective, and having JM tell me what to do. She’s hard. And I do swear at her. But I sweat. A lot. And my legs hurt the next day. I have realized that in order to increase my mileage and remain injury free, I absolutely need to keep up the strength and core training. Lesson learned kids. Lesson learned. I will keep it up and add it into my running routine.

The good news is…since I can still work out, all the goodies that I eat won’t go directly to my Boo-Tay…

Simply. Amazing.
Simply. Amazing.

Ok ok, so I dropped the box and they got a little messy, and No, I did not eat all 4 of them. Just 1…today. After JM. Tasty!!


Is anyone changing up their workout routine for the month?

What are you doing for strength and core training? And Most importantly…do you love cupcakes as much as I do??



Where’s Missy??!!!

Well Happy New Year Folks 🙂 It’s been awhile…ok ok, a little over a month (gasp!) since my last post. I’m just going to warn you now, there will be no interesting photos in this post 😦 I’m cheating and posting while I’m at work and do not have my fun little camera with me.

I do apologize, but life’s been…life. A little crazy. Or a LOT crazy.  A little running. A little holidays that make me go crazy. And I’m undecided if I want to do any New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never done any in the past, so why start now?! I prefer to set goals throughout the year. Life changes, goals change, plans to achieve said goals change…and resolutions tend to go right out the window.

How about a 2012 recap? There really wasn’t anything too exciting. Except I completed my first full marathon!

I'm ready!

(And btw…looking at this picture and the race photographers photos, NEVER again will I wear a pair of shorts, over shorts…what the hell was i thinking?! I think I liked both pairs of shorts so much that I had to wear them both.)

Had a great half-marathon PR, pulled a 5K PR out of somewhere unknown just a couple weeks post full marathon (sorry no pictures!!), and I finished my 3rd (yes 3rd) 2-year Associates degree in Liberal Arts so I can finally transfer and work on my BSN…I think that 6 years of school and 3 degrees I should just be automatically granted that damn Bachelor’s degree 🙂

Hubs and I had a great year as well! We had a blast in Florida (I went twice!), we went to Sturgis this summer, spent an entire weekend at the Great MN Get Together with some amazing friends, and I got to spend some time learning where I want to spend the rest of my life in San Diego. I’m truly jealous of the bloggers that get to live, work, and run there Not. Fair. So, when I returned from heaven on Earth San Diego, I had a sales pitch to the hubs, it’s called No Snow Diego, and I might chant this sales pitch to the hubs everytime it snows and blows and the windchill reaches -30 degrees F…I’m working on joining you So Cal bloggers!

We ended the year on a sad note by losing one of Hub’s good friends way too soon and completely unexpectedly. Very sad. No words to say. Just very sad.

As far as the upcoming 2013, I have big goals 🙂 I will go into specifics a little later (and I will try really hard to not make you wait a whole month). First of all, I am going to try really hard to put forth more effort into this little thing I like to call a blog. I really enjoy reading other blogs, finding new motivation, and putting my thoughts to words and hopefully motivate others as well.

I am also going to try to remember to log my miles on…I can’t even seem to figure out how to get the widget to work on my blog, there’s no app for it on my iPhone, and my memory kinda sucks. I write down my miles right away when I get done with a run, but I cannot remember to log them on that little website.

I will save my running goals for another post 🙂

Head to toe

I just wanted to put another picture in for your sake 😉 this was taken in November and I was still wearing shorts 🙂 In MN….

Is it cold where you run?? Or are you blessed and get to wear shorts all year??

What are you 2013 goals?? running, race, or life??!!