Tune in Tuesday

Today’s Tune in Tuesday is brought to you by…today’s craptastic 7 miler. I haven’t had a bad run in quite some time. I’ve been feeling really good and have adjusted to the marathon training well. I even felt good on the run when my ITB acted all pissy. I didn’t consider that a bad run in my books. Let’s say that today’s crappy 7 miler happened because of a few reasons.

A – I’m tired. Tonight will be 5 out of 7 overnight shifts (4 of them are 12 hr shifts). Work has been crazy. You know its busy when you don’t get to sit and your tired from running from patient to patient all night. I’m not complaining by any means, but it’s tiring.

B – My legs felt heavy from the moment I stepped out the door.

C – I’m not complaining about the sunshine and 75*, but I ran in cooler weather yesterday. and

D – pretty sure I am a little dehydrated. I didn’t sweat for the first couple of miles, which rarely happens. I sweat like a hog when I run. And…I walked a couple times. Gasp!! I know. I haven’t done that forever.

But my legs were tired, my hips were tired, and my ITB was letting me know it needed to walk. I stretched well before I went out for my run, but my legs were just not feeling it today. I wanted to give up and I wanted to just head home. But I didn’t. Today’s comfort zone wasn’t about time, it was pushing through to just finish the 7 miles. And I did. In 63 minutes. And then I took the pups for a jaunt around the neighborhood and waved at a neighbor with a bag of dog shit in my hand. Nice.

Anyhow… Today’s Tune in Tuesday Tune is….We Found Love by Rihanna…I chose this tune not because of the real meaning of the song, but more the words…We found love in a hopeless place…today’s run felt very hopeless, I love to run. And I’ll get over it and we’ll have a much better run on Thursday 🙂 And…I have a friend who hates this song so every time I hear it I text her the lyrics…cuz I’m cool like that and a little obnoxious.

What’s on your workout playlist??!!