What Next?

So after the Mankato Half Mary I knew I wanted to take it easy (not that I was really working that hard to have to take it easy…) for a little while.  My left foot has been a little sensitive. I say sensitive because it really hasn’t caused me any pain. Just a twinge here or there. The ‘ol left IT band has been a little sensitive too. I also have some goals set for next year, and I am going to take the winter (yes, I shudder at the thought of winter being here already) to strength train, cross train, and HOPEFULLY drop a few pounds.

WHAT?! This doesn't help when trying to drop extra lbs???
WHAT?! This doesn’t help when trying to drop extra lbs???

As much as I would rather run outside, unfortunately the city doesn’t plow or shovel the school track. When it snows, speedwork will be inside. Really for safety reasons. I don’t feel like slipping on a patch of black ice and cracking my noggen. No bueno. Also, hills…I need to work on hills. Those cannot be done on the flat land that surround me. So, those too will be done on the good ‘ol mill.  Strength and flexibility…my goal is to bring yoga into my life once a week, and either a Jillian DVD or Bob DVD a couple times a week.

This happened.
This happened.

And…guess what is now in my basement…aka workout room with a couch and a treadmill?


Lexa gets to roll…inside with her new trainer 🙂 She also got a new seat this fall because I couldn’t go 10 miles without my feet, legs, and girly parts going numb.  Hmmmm…guess it helps to have a seat that actually fits my rear! Turns out the original seat was wayyyyy too narrow for my sitz bones…Makes all the difference in the world! I can spend hours riding now! Century ride next year?! I think so.

I will give you a few more clues as far as what my goals are for next year. I haven’t decided if I really want to say (or write) them publicly yet.  I will tell you that Grandma’s Marathon is involved. NYC Marathon may be on that list as well. I would really really really like to travel to a marathon (or half mary…or hat trick…Runner’s World! Do you hear me?!)

What race plans or goals do you have for next year?

Are you taking it easy this winter? Cross training?